Дата релиза:

Taste of human flesh

Demo, 1998, Self-Released

Exposed Guts : Taste of human flesh


1. Disintegrated
2. Your limbs shall rot in plastic bags
3. Covered with entrails
4. Time to suffer
5. Cut off heads for satisfaction
6. Stench of decay
7. Bloodsmeared pathology
8. Funny splatter party
9. Through the anus protruding haemmorrhoids
10. The cannibal's shredded flesh
11. Eat thy neighbor
12. Gutsfuck with a ripped-up bitch
13. Unholy splattery

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Ultimate Gore Assault

Demo, 1999, Self-Released

Exposed Guts : Ultimate Gore Assault


1. Skinless
2. Chainsaw massacre
3. Ultimate Gore Assault
4. The Quintessence of putrescence
5. Contaminated entrails

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A hog-wild tale of terror (Compilation CD, Razorback Records 1999)

Compilation, 1999, Razorback Records

Exposed Guts : A hog-wild tale of terror (Compilation CD, Razorback Records 1999)


1. Deranged- Consume, excrete, dwell
2. Engorged- Chemically castrated
3. Machetazo- Yo fui canibal adolescente
4. Intendse Hammer Rage- Pervert the meat
5. Impaled- From here to colostomy
6. Murder Corporation- Wallow in greed
7. Last Days of Humanity- Intoxicated
8. Drawn and Quartered- Ministry of torture
9. Reinfection- A morgue filled with rotting corpses
10. Scrape- Sever all ties
11. Birdflesh- Alive autopsy
12. Mental Abberation- Last exit suicide
13. Gorerotted- Cut, gut, beaten & eaten
14. Unhallowed- Eyeing the plague
15. Skourge- Burned and buried
16. Vastion- From nowhere to nowhere
17- Fleshtized- Choice of consequence
18. Exposed Guts- Rip it from the mother's cunt
19. Crypt- Bubonic experiment
20. Terratism- I raped your goddess
21. Bloody Gore- Bodily leviation
22. Incarrion- Desperate procedure
23. Neophyte- Voices
24. Godless Truth- Avoiding black mass
25. Ciborium- Make them die slowly

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Promo 2000

Demo, 2000, Self-Released

Exposed Guts : Promo 2000


1. Rip it from the mother's cunt
(not on all copies of the tape)
2. Rest in pieces
3. Savage henchman
4. Wenn Blut und Sperma und Eiter spritzt

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The way of all flesh

Album, 2003, Self-Released

Exposed Guts : The way of all flesh


1. Guts are gory
2. Beyond the spheres
3. Innocence
4. Regorge the spawn
5. Blueprints for bloodshed
6. World at war
7. Invisible prison cell
8, Rip it from the mother´s cunt
9. Leveled to a new stage
10. Pee all over me

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