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Биография : Tyrants (ITA)

Tyrants were born in 2001 in Penne, a small village of Abruzzo, Italy, from the mind of Andrea Di Nino. Tyrant's former name was Mordor, and the band was originally composed by Andrea Di Nino (bass, voice), Gabriele Di Lucido (guitar) and Antonello Gliberto (drum). The name came from Tolkien's "the Lord of the rings" book, wich is Andrea's favorite. Back in 2001, they were playing Darkthrone and Mayhem covers, as long as a song of their own called "Diritus in Oblivione". This project's main objective was to express their rage and their ideas, but in 2003 Andrea had to move in Rome so the band dismantled. Here in Rome Andrea founded another band with Stefano Di Giovanni (guitar), now playing with Evil Machine as a bassist e Cristian Falone (drums). Due to personal reasons, the band had to dismantle again.
Finally, in 2006, Marco Gulluni joined Andrea in the "Tyrants" project as main guitars, samples and drum programming; they produced also in 2006 their first work, "Tyrants". Influences came from Marty Friedman to Immortal.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/Tyrantsband