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Биография : Sacramentum

The Swedish outfit Sacramentum manage to maintain their original spirit of violent and hateful black metal while exploring the extremities of the world´s other extreme music genres, as evident on the band´s new astounding album, Thy Black Destiny.

Sacramentum was formed in the summer of 1990 under the name Tumulus, but soon after the release their demo-tape Sedes Impiorum in ´92, they decided to change it to Sacramentum. Sacramentum recorded their self-financed five-track promo-CD Finis Malorum in Unisound Studios, which was later released by Adipocere Records.

Sacramentum went back to Unisound in June of ´95 to record their debut Far Away From The Sun, which unfortunately was not released by Adipocere until June of ´96. Still, the album earned positive responses and managed to strengthen the band´s position as one of the top Swedish black and death metal acts.

After a successful European tour with Ancient Rites, Bewitched and Enthroned, Sacramentum signed to Century Media Records in spring ´97. Their second full-length album, The Coming of Chaos, was recorded with the knowledgeable assistance of Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) in Los Angered Recordings in June of 1997.

After it´s release in September of the same year, another tour of Europe came together with labelmates Old Man´s Child and Rotting Christ, which gained the band even more attention and momentum. Again produced by Andy LaRocque at Los Angered, Sacramentum´s new masterpiece Thy Black Destiny is as a true metal fist in the face to the current goth-laden and vampiric black metal scene, and will not doubt up the stakes for this vicious and fiercely talented band.