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Michael Kiske's career in music began at 17, when he was the vocalist of his own school band. He left in order to join HELLOWEEN a band who would become one of the most popular and respected Heavy Rock bands of all time. His dynamic and amazing vocals graced the two classic albums "Keeper of the Seven Keys" - released in 1987 and 1988 - with sales in excess of one million copies worldwide each.

During these years, Michael Kiske gained his reputation as one of the best singers of the rock-scene. Kiske however, after the departure from HELLOWEEN following the release of the bands fifth studio album Chameleon, started to work on his own music-career.

He debuted in 1996 with "Instant Clarity", a record that counts Kai Hansen and Adrian Smith as special guests. The sound style differs from the old work and paved the way for more records (Readiness to Sacrifice and the SupaRed project) that would have departed him more and more from his beginnings in the public eye, but more back to his personal roots.

During the winter of 2004 Michael, whose voice is still nowadays regarded as one of the most fascinating of the rock-scene, he accepted to be part of a Melodic Rock oriented project called PLACE VENDOME patronized by Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino, together with members of PINK CREAM 69 and VANDENPLAS.

Following a great acclaim from the critics and fans alike, Kiske started to gather again some material to give birth to his long awaited third solo album.

Surrounded by a positive and totally free environment, made of great friends and musicians (Karsten Nagel an old schoolmate on drums and Sandro Giampietro and Fontaine Burnett on bass-guitar), Kiske gained again strong confidence with his music and expressive style. The resulting album: Kiske is a very personal statement - from the beginning to the end. It's a healthy-careless and musically free album, says Michael who wanted to tirelessly explore his more melodic and straightforward roots. "I am very proud of this record because it is a true statement", declares the German singer, "and I could easily build up new things from it, but also can let it stand there as an artistic closing-comment from myself, because I am sure I will still like this album in 10 years time"!

Source : http://www.myspace.com/mKiske