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Infestum was formed in June of 2000 on the fragments of the group Midgard. The Founding members are Grond (drums) and Skald (guitar). Other members of Midgard decided to leave the band because of various reasons. Soon Ion joined Infestum on vocals and Thorngrim joined on bass. With this line-up Infestum started to create music of a higher caliber then the earlier music. More now in the style of the second wave of black metal, lyrical themes focused on the glorification of the animal inside all of us, the personification of the darkest parts of the human subconsciousness. The exploitation of a inner predator that is present in every person. All expressed in sharp & crude atmospheric musical works performed by Infestum.
In the winter of 2000-2001 Infestum entered the studio to record five new dark hymns of pure black war metal. The demo has now been issued in a MCD format on the American label BATTLE HYMN RECORDS. The demo release has received good reviews and over-all feedback in the press and has been compared with early Graveland and Bathory, and yet still with its own style and command of fresh creativity.
Between April and May of 2001 Infestum began actively playing concerts. These Concerts helped to increase Infestum's fanbase. The band has recieved good live! concert reviews from specatators. But later on the band was unable to play live performances because of personal issues in October of 2001 that occurred with Grond (drums) refusing to play live concerts anymore & for a uncertain amount of time. So his place has been replaced by Burglar, who was playing at that time in Morbid Victory (he was under a different name). Soon after joining Infestum Burglar left Morbid Victory.
In the winter of 2001-2002 Infestum recorded their first full length album entitled "Last Day Before The Endless Night" For a Russian label named MORE HATE Productions. The album consists of all new material, plus four re-written songs from the demo MCD. And a cover version of Venom's "Buried Alive". The disk was released in December of 2002. Cover artwork and design was handled by Valdmar Smerdulak - a ingenious artist, who has worked in the past with such groups as Nanghizidda, & Massive Carnage. Some major attention was given to Infestum's instrumental compositions, which are part of an over-all album bright with folklorish lyrics.
In 2003 Infestum starts working on the material for album, which named Ta Natas. During long time period from 2003 till 2006 the album had passed some conseptual changes. Ta Natas is out in September 14, 2007 on BLOOD FIRE DEATH Productions. As opposed to its predecessor the album is completely deprived of folklore lyricism and will represent the development of the over-all style of Infestum, exploring new vanguard expressive forms & departing from archaic perception of black metal as a musical style, but without influencing the ideological views of Infestum as a band. The album also features artwork by Valdmar Smerdulak. The band produced a couple of motion videos for TA NATAS. It was the first experience in making video clips, but video for "Razor to Throat" song for the first year had more than 30.000 views only on metalvideo.com portal, being there on the second position in Top10 for the long time.
In 2007 after 7 years of cooperation Divine Skald decided to leave the band. INFESTUM recruits the new guitarist A\Vesh, who actually starts to rehearse with the band from early 2007.
But in beginning of April 2009 A\Vesh and Burglar also desided to leave the band. But in couple of days INFESTUM had a new band member W-todd (guitars). Actually he was the only candidate to become a part of the band because of total understanding of Infestum's conception, mutual views in field of music and life philosophy and many years being friends. W-todd also known for his work in ID:vision.
Now the band works on the new album called RENAISSANCE. It will be the most dark and natural born evil and pathos album in Infestum's history - real 21st century black metal. The band plane to record and release RENAISSANCE in the end of 2009.

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