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Биография : Hacride

The French band HACRIDE was born in 2001 by players coming from several bands playing different metal styles from black metal to thrash. It's the essence of HACRIDE : they originate from a wide background of influences and it shows when you carefully listen to their debut album 'Deviant Current Signal'.

It's surely quite of a surprising and innovative musical concept. The band claims general influences as the obvious MESHUGGAH and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and also other music luminaries like DEATH, Steve Coleman, and Mike Patton.

HACRIDE is a punch in the face of musical stagnation and all the generic sides of metal and hardcore today in 2005. This debut album features some of the most intricate time changes and mind twisted structures that you may ever hear this year.

The band did a demo in the end of 2002 entitled ‘Cyanide Echoes' before joining a group of other French bands with the aim of self promoting themselves through an intense series of live appearances and street promotion. The reviews for that demo were no less than stunning and it generated quite an impact in the national press . HACRIDE were immediately graced as openers for major French acts like GOJIRA and LOUDBLAST.

The basic idea of recording the band's debut ‘Deviant Current Signal' was simple : they decided to use the services of their live engineer Frank Hueso in order to somewhat reproduce the band energy on stage to digital format. The result is an amazing blend of rawness and clarity that really fits the band's offensive yet atmospheric music.

Enter a musical journey of riffing intensity and moving atmospheres you may not forget quickly.

HACRIDE have no statement to say, they just want to let the music speak by itself and no one can predict what they will come up with next time. The future belongs to bands like them.