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Биография : Gromth

Gromth is the brainchild of Grimd, which small ideas came to his head back in the early ninetees. He joined Khold in 2003 and played a lot of concerts during a quite busy period for the band. In mid 2000 he decided to write music for this long asleep project named Gromth in a more serious matter, and he contacted vocalist Ole and drummer Tjodalv to help him out with matters he couldn’t fix himself. Ole quickly surprised everyone with his original grim throath, as a matter of fact he had never been in a band as a vocalist before. Tjodalv started Dimmu Borgir together with Silenoz and Shagrath back in the early ninetees. In 1999 he left Dimmu Borgir and started Susperia with Cyrus. Beside Gromth he also perform the battery in Black Comedy. In Gromth a lot of material and recording was created during the years 2006-2008, but unfortunately a crash in Grimds homestudio deleted a lot of material. After a small break he decided to start over again with new music equipment and totally new songmaterial. In spring 2010 he decided to sheer the composing process with keyboarder Andre, and soon Gromth had enough material for the long awaited first fullenght album.

Source : http://www.gromth.net/band/