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Биография : Framferd

Framferd was established 2003 in Tønsberg,Norway We recorded the demo "Æva" in 2004 and in 2005 We went into studio to record a Promo for the upcoming Djevelskap-album. Which was well recieved by the underground metal music scene. In 2006 the full-lengt album Djevelskap was completed, and distributed by the band itself and Dark Side Of Norway, the management and booking company that Framferd has worked with for some time.

Framferd does not strive to be put in a specific genre, we are often described as a symphonic black metal band.

The release of this album has been delayed multiple times for a lot of reasons. The band now has a lot of new material for newer releases and is looking forward to evolve in the future as a band and as musicians. It is important for Framferd to keep their musical entegrity, as well as our theatrical liveperformance. Framferd is a live orientated band.

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