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Биография : Feigd

Feigd with origin in Vik i Sogn, (Norway), was formed in late December 2006 by Jan. At the time Jan was playing in Sigtyr, that himself & Odne started in the early year 2002... But he made the decision to leave the band, after four years
and 3 demos behind him in Sigtyr.

Jan wanted to take a little different musical direction, so he started his own one man project called Feigd.

Jan has played in a few other bands/projects in the earlier years. At the beginning he played in a deathmetal band called Malicious Beauty along with Asroth that have been involved with Sigtyr, and now have his own band Philomels Epitaph.

They recorded a few demos together in Malicious Beauty, but it was more fun then serious. So it was buried after a couple of years. Later, Jan joined forces with Odne and Sigtyr was formed. And there you have the whole history more or less, or what's worth mentioning.

Source : http://feigd.net/