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Биография : Eternity (GER)

ETERNITY's arise was in 1994! The first demo "Born In The Mystical Forests Of Sorrow" was spit out in May 1995! 1995 was also the year of their first live desecrations, notably at the 1st Folter Records Open Air with In the Woods, Dark Funeral, Enthroned, Mayhemic Truth, Osculum Infame, Ved Buens Ende, Dimmu Borgir and many others!
After some problems with line-up and after some other gigs (but this time with e.g. Eminenz, Cryogenic, Cryptic Carnage etc.) Eternity created the second demo in early 1996 named "Delictum Exceptum" and also a Split 7"Ep in the end of this year (other band: Dunkelgrafen, limited to 700 copies / through Last Epitaph Prod.)!
After all, Eternity were forced to be quiet and nearly dead due to big line-up-and other problems but they resurrected in early 2001 with another line-up and with a new Split 7"Ep (other band: Wolfsmond, limited to 666 copies / through Sombre Rec.)!
One year later the Eternity/Luror-Split came out of the shadows as a Blut & Eisen Prod.(Lp)/W.T.C. Prod.(Cd) release and again there were several live performances with e.g. Watain, Secrets of the Moon, Vilkates, Ad Hominem, Hell-Born, Zarathustra etc.!
In the year 2004, after a presence of 10 years it was done! The debut album "...and the Gruesome returns with every Night" was finally unleashed to bring the blasphemic creations of their black abyssic souls upon this fucking planet, released through Blut & Eisen Prod.(Lp)/W.T.C.Prod.(Cd) and with a new and strong killer line-up!
2005 followed another 7"Split-war called "Blackmetal against the World" (others: Leviathan(Usa), Funeral Winds and Ad Hominem, limited to 1000 copies / through Undercover Rec.)! In the same year Eternity joined the Avantgarde horde to spill their pure fucking Black Metal all over the world and their second full-length album, namely "Funeral Mass", is out now!
Eternity's devastating destruction will be continued...

Source : http://www.myspace.com/eternityhorde