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Биография : Cancer (UK)

Cancer was formed one night in 1988 down the Tontine pub in Ironbridge by original members Carl Stokes, John Walker & Ian Buchanan. They quickly put together a demo in the Pits (Studio) called “No Fuckin Cover Demo”, sent out the demo and got signed to Vinyl Solution. Then started a diet of writing and playing live with such bands as “Bomb Disneyland”, “Bolt Thrower”, “Cerebral Fix”, and “G.B.H.”.

In winter 1989 the first LP 'To The Gory End' was recorded (released in April 1990 and followed by tours with Obituary and Deicide). The disease was spreading... Then In Feb 1991 Cancer went to Florida to record the 2nd LP 'Death shall rise' with James Murphy on Lead Guitar. This album was released after a tour of Europe in the winter of 1991. More tours followed, and a debut appearance at the Milwaukee Metal Festival secured an interest in the band in America.

After 6 months, James Murphy left the band, and Baz Savage joined. This was followed by tours in Israel, Mexico, America and Europe. The band recorded their third album for Vinyl Solution - 'Sins of Mankind' in Dec 1992. More tours followed, and the album was released in June 1993. In 1994, they left Vinyl Solution and signed to East West and recorded 'Black Faith'. The band followed this with a tour of Europe and a few dates in England. Cancer then mutually dissolved after 'lack of faith' from key individuals in the industry and Major Label Bullshit, NOT, as often mentioned on misinformed websites bad sales of 'Black Faith”. The sad reality was the only people not making any money were the true creators of the music...

Carl started teaching drums, eventually ending up playing in local band 'Assert' for a while. John busked around, playing solo acoustic sets, and also started teaching guitar. Ian started doing his own music project called 'Hairy Scary Man”.

In late 2003, John and Carl got together again, and the idea to reform the band was born. Ian was not interested in rejoining, but was glad to see the reformation nonetheless. The band recruited Assert bass-player Adam Richardson, and 'Asatru's' Rob Engvikson as Lead guitarist. John, Carl and Bukey had known Rob for many years, both as a fan and friend, he also played guitar in a band called 'Nothing but Contempt' with Carl, and Barney Greenway (Napalm Death). With a new line-up in place they started recording a new EP called 'Corporation$', which will hopefully be released in early 2004. UK shows are planned in Nov-Dec 2003, as well as Europe and U.S. Dates coming up in 2004.