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Биография : Anton

The band started in 1994 in Tampico, Mexico. Their style is a mixture of death-thrash with strong influences of classic heavy metal. The band has always stuck to their guns of “singing” in their native tongue, spanish and could be considered an “exotic” band, despite their overall assault, aggression and pure metal attack.

In 1996 Anton released “Creando el Dolor”. Their first professional recording which put them as headliners for the “Battle of the Bands Tour” across their home state. In 1997 the prestigious and classic Mexican magazine “Banda Rockera” called Anton “Revelation Band of the Year”. By 1998 their name was spread all over the world thru the fanzine connection in places as the U.S., Central America, Germany and Spain. The band appeared mentioned and reviewed in publications such as Heavy Rock, Rock Brigade, Metal Maniacs, Metal Rules and tons of other underground press and fanzines (and now webzines). Even the local newspaper has given Anton a place to voice their ideas and music several times.

In 1999 Anton released “En el Umbral del Caos” and played all over Mexico sharing the stage with big mexican names as Transmetal, Leprosy, Khafra, Luzbel, Makina, Disgorge as well as killer acts like Ángeles del Infierno, Rata Blanca, Master, Prophecy and many others. The band has played more than 300 gigs and they are respected as promoters and tour organizers. By the end of 2004, Anton released a new album “Todos Morirán Hoy” (its title would read as “They all shall die today”). This new record is being distributed in Germany and other places of Europe thru Ketzer Records.

In early 2005, Anton toured Central America playing in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala acting as headliners in this short tour called “El Diablo Fest” and where great bands like Dantesco, Ancestral, Blasfemia and Mantra played too. In may 28th, Anton was one of the five Mexican bands to be chosen and invited to be part of the second edition of the “Monterrey Metal Fest” playing in the same event with killer Monsters of Rock like Motorhead, Wasp, Danzig, Hammerfall and Metal Church and also the band played a previous party date with Neil Turbin, Ripper Owens and Lupara.

Anton released a professional video clip for the song “Creador del Dolor” the controversial nature of the clip (a catholic priest turns into an assassin) has pointed some fingers at the band as “satanists” and “anarchists”. Anyway, the video has been receiving some restricted airplay. From early August to mid October 2005, the band toured all over South America, playing 25 shows in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. Their longest running treks to date proved to be a success as the band is preparing a re-release of their latest record with new cover art and some extras for the Latin American market.

Right now the band is looking for a label to support their never ending efforts to create their unique style of PUREFUCKINGMETAL!. The tentative title for Anton´s new offering is “Sepulta tus Muertos” (“Bury your dead people”), to be recorded and released soon.

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