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I started Anal Cunt in March 1988. When the band started, it wasn't meant to be a big deal at all. All I had planned was to do 1 demo tape, and play one show, but when it ended up being more than that. At the time I was playing bass in a band called Executioner (that I quit by the end of march), who had 2 records out (I played on the 2nd one) and toured around the USA, plus I also played guitar and sang in a death metal parody band called Satan's Warriors. But also, I used to have a hobby of making up joke bands all the time. Most of them sounded like Anal Cunt already, but didn't do more than make a shitty demo in my, or a friends bedroom/basement/or attic. The oldest band I can remember that was similar to A.C. was in 1980 in my attic with my cousin Michael. It was called "The Losers", then later changed to the name "Noise". That "band" was me with a toy guitar (I couldn't afford a real one for years) and vocals and him playing cardboard boxes as fast as possible. Eventually I got a real guitar, and made more tapes. The name Anal Cunt came from when I used to make a list of words that were offensive and then make combinations from them to get the most offensive, stupid, dumb, etc name possible. One day I came up with Anal Cunt. Like I said, I used to make up tons of bands that already sounded like Anal Cunt, but they were usually with the same people. I wanted to do it with different people this time. I wanted the band to be the least musical thing possible. No lyrics, no music written for the songs, no song titles, NOTHING resembling music at all. I also wanted the band's one show to have a very lively, aggressive, and violent stage presence. I usually played guitar (and sang on some) in these bands, but in this one I just wanted to do vocals. I called my best friend at the time (who still is to this day) Mike Mahan and asked him to do it. He said no immediately. I was able to talk him into it, saying it would only be one show (various bands I used to be always played live over the radio at Brandeis University. They had it set up so the show was open to the public. Charlie Infection, who at the time had a radio show there, as well as being the drummer for Cancerous Growth and Psycho, was in charge of setting up one "hardcore night" every month. Bands who played there included Psycho, Cancerous Growth, PTL Klub, The F.U.'s, Bulge, Satan's Warriors, etc.) and one demo tape. After thinking of who to get for drums, I remembered this kid I hated the first time I met him named Tim Morse. I saw him play kind of fast once, and figured if I could get him to play twice as fast as that, it would work. The first practice sucked, and I ended up being a total drill sergeant to Mike andTtim, getting them faster and tighter, at playing total garbage. The first "show" was on Easter, 1988 at my mother's house in front of her, my 2 little brothers, my grandmother, and some friends of my mothers. We recorded a demo on a 4-track in April, that still to this day has never been mixed, and was only heard by the 2 girls we had over while we were recording it in my mother's attic. We played our first public show at Brandeis University on June 1st, live over the radio. Eventually we played some more shows, and decided to try and pull off setting up a U.S. tour. We had nothing released, but I lied to all the clubs/promoters saying we had a record coming out by the time of the tour. The tour started in late August and was a week and a half long. It went as far south as Florida. A couple days before the tour, we recorded the 47 song demo so we could have something to get the name around with on the tour. By this time, a couple riffs here and there had crept into to A.C.'s sound, while still being mostly total noise/garbage. The tour was a success in that we got the name around, and lots of people were already trying to rip off our sound, as well as our highly aggressive, violent, and self mutilating stage shows. Later that year we recorded our first record, the "88 Song E.P.". Early next year we did more touring as the 7" had just came out, and we were getting offers from labels. Earache was one, but we turned them down. We recorded stuff for a split 7" with Seven Minutes Of Nausea as well as stuff for a 10" comp called Apocalyptic Convulsions. More touring that summer. In September we started recording for a record that as far as I know, no one has tried before. It ended up being called the "5,643 Song E.P.". Yes, there are actually that many songs on that 7". We went to a 16 track studio and recorded a whole 7" worth of songs on one track, then more on a second track, third, fourth, etc until there were 16 tracks filled, so when you play it, there are actually 16 songs playing at the same time. I released it with a small printing of 307, figuring no one would want it, plus I didn't wan't people who heard us for the first time thinking that was what all our stuff sounded like. Dig from earache wanted to license it for a European pressing, and when I said no, he offered to buy the whole pressing from me (I said no again). I let the guy who put out the split with Seven Minutes Of Nausea (a German label) license it in Europe. Around this time, things got boring with the band because all our stuff was sounding the same, plus Mike and Tim sucked at their instruments, so we couldn't progress, so we decided to break up. Before we did, we wanted to do at least one major thing, so we decided to tour in Europe. Most of our fan letters were from there anyways, so we set it up for April, 1990. In January 1990, we recorded "Another E.P.". So in April, we did our 1st European tour (which at the time we thought would be our last) and broke up. The final show was in Berlin on April 20th. After we broke up, we had plans to start a new band called "George H. Brown". It would be a more blues/rock band with me on guitar, Mike on bass ,Tim on drums, future A.C. member Fred Ordonez on 2nd guitar, and John McCarthy (at the time, ex-Post Mortem singer) on vocals. Due to Mike, Tim, and Fred's awful playing the band went nowhere (one of those songs, "foreplay with a tree shredder" would later appear on the A.C. CD, "TOP 40 HITS"). Frustrated, Seth and John started a new band called "Sloth", but after they found out there was a "Sloth" from New York, they changed it to "From Sloth To Anger" (taken from an inner sleeve of a Borbetomagus record). That "band" made one tape that no one has ever heard. Eventually, Seth joined Post Mortem as vocalist, Tim knocked some broad up, and Mike moved to Indiana for about 6 months. Seth and Tim decided to reform A.C. with slightly more complicated music on March 1st, 1991. Our original choice for guitar was future member Paul Kraynak, but he couldn't do it, so we got Fred Ordonez. In May we recorded a bunch of stuff for split 7"s with Psycho, Meat Shits, comp tracks for a 12" called "Master Of Noise", and the worlds first noisecore acoustic record, the A.C. "Unplugged" E.P.. In July, we went on a US tour with Phlegm and Incantation. 2 of the shows ended up on the "Live E.P.",as well as side 2 of the "Unplugged" E.P. being recorded live in some hippies house in Austin, Texas. Later this year, I started coming up with a couple "real" songs. We debated for a while whether it would ruin A.C. to have straight out "normal" songs. Tim and I did a session with 6 "real" songs that barely anyone has heard (including older versions of "Song #5" and "Song #6"). In the spring of 1992, Seth tried out for, and joined the reformed old hardcore band, Siege. Shortly after that, it was time for another A.C. European tour. this time, Tim chickened out like a little baby a couple days before the tour. Instead of not going, the promoter talked Fred and I into going anyways, and finding a drummer over there. 2 guys tried out and weren't fast enough, so we had them both play the same drum set at the same time for the first two shows. Then we had a couple days off, so we practiced with the faster of the two and continued the tour. Since the drummer barely knew any of how our stuff went, the shows mostly consisted of Seth and Fred just going out and punching people and breaking everything. Other things of interest on this tour were Seth playing drums for a Fear Of God show, and Seth and Fred joining Seven Minutes Of Nausea for a recording. Shortly after we came back, we got Tim back in the band. We realized that most of the shows pretty much consisted of us wrecking everything, breaking things, hurting people, etc and the microphone would always get broken and the guitar cord would always come out and all you could hear were drums (and people yelling at us), so we decided to get a second guitarist to keep the noise going on while all this shit was happening. Thats when we got John Kozik. Right around this time, I was also sick of having all these records out that were out of print that nobody could find, so I decided it was time to get on a label that would keep our records in stock, and pay for our tours (we always lost tons of money touring). So I contacted Earache. They said that they wanted to hear some new stuff. So in September, we went in to record what would later be released as "Morbid Florist". Also around this time we were having problems with Fred on guitar for personality reasons. So I was going to play guitar, as well as John. As fate would have it, John had kidney stones the day of the studio, so he had to go to the hospital, so Tim and I actually recorded the whole thing ourselves. This would also be the first A.C. release with "real" songs on them. After trying out various guitarists, we ended up getting Fred back in the band. This was right around the time Earache decided to sign us. In March 1993, we went to start recording tracks for the 9 "real" songs on "Everyone Should Be Killed". Fred and John played guitar and I played bass on those songs. Later in the year, we did all the blur/noise songs for the record with Fred and John on guitar. This session totally sucked, and never got released. So there is actually a whole 40 or so minutes of A.C. songs that never got released from "Everyone Should Be Killed". We eventually re-recorded it with me and John on guitar. A.C. were supposed to go on a metal "lollapalooza" rip-off tour with 5 bands (the only 2 others that were always confirmed were Eyehategod and The Deceased, along with other bands that came and went every other day, like Uncle Slam and some other gay bands). That whole thing fell through, and we were itching to play out in California, so we booked our own tour. By this time Fred was finally permanently thrown out of the band. He was replaced by Paul Kraynak. We played New Orleans, some shows in California, and Colorado. When we played in San Francisco I got arrested for punching some stupid cunt in the face, that whole show lasted only 2 minutes, followed by screaming and yelling. That show, as well as a similar kind of show from May of that year ended up on an extremely rare A.C. release called "Breaking The Law". After this tour, Paul left the band, and the search was on for a new guitarist. We gave up by early 1994, because John was good enough to handle it on his own (he kind of sucked when he first joined). 1994 saw the release of "Everyone Should Be Killed" on Earache Records. It came out in Europe and Japan months before it did in America. They changed the front cover on us without telling us, and it looks really gay. They never gave us any real explaination why they changed it, they blamed it on some guy who just got fired. They totally threw away the originally intended back cover (which was 3 seperate live photos of us).
That summer we did a European tour in Germany, Spain, and Austria with W.B.I. and Necrophiliacs. Then 6 days after that tour ended we did a US tour with Incantation, Morpheus Descends, Afterlife, and Gutted. That autumn we recorded "TOP 40 HITS". It sounded nothing like I wanted it to sound like. The original intention was for it to blow your speakers when you played the noisier songs, but since the studio was an adat studio, not analog, it was impossible. Around this time I was planning the change over from mostly noise songs to more real sounding songs, mostly in a fast hardcore style. I didn't want the change to be too abrupt, so I had the record be only half total garbage, and half "real" songs. It came out in March or April 1995, and then we went on another US tour, and then in June, we did our first Japanese tour. Shortly after that John Kozik was out of the band, and was replaced by Scott Hull. Then we went in to start recording "40 More Reasons To Hate Us" at some fat annoying guy's studio. On this recording, I did almost all the guitar playing, as well as drums for around 10-12 songs. Tim couldn't play a lot of the stuff I wanted him to do, so I did it myself with Scott on guitar. I think there are only 3 songs that Scott and Tim recorded together. Nothing was wrong with Scott's playing, it was just that he was so new in the band and didn't know all the songs, plus I like playing the guitar in the studio anyways. After a few so-so shows with this line-up, we were going to get ready to do a 2 week tour with Eyehategod. I could tell that it wouldn't work with Scott on the road, so we got John Kozik to fill in for this tour. After that tour it was possible the band would break up, since Tim was a baby, and always tried fucking things up for the band, I almost gave up. I eventually got rid of Tim. Shortly after that, Scott Hull and I (on drums and vocals) recorded a song by Morrissey for The Smiths tribute cd. Then I went down to New Orleans, and while I was down there, did back up vocals for Pantera's "The Great Southern Trendkill", as well as sing a show for Eyehategod (who's singer was living in New York at the time). I was considering ending the band, but instead got Josh Martin on guitar, whom I'd known from when A.C. used to play in New York a lot in 1994-1995 (he was going to New York University at the time). After he graduated college, he moved to Boston. After trying a bunch of idiots on the drums, we ended up with Nate Linehan. We played tons of shows, then went on a long tour with Incantation and Mortician being on a lot of the shows. Right before that tour we recorded the "I like it when you die" cd. Nate quit the band immediately after the long tour and we were again without a drummer. During this time Josh and I did some songs for a split 7" with Eyehategod doing Black Sabbath covers (with me on drums). After not being able to find a drummer for months, me and Josh got all coked up and asked Nates brother to see if Nate wanted to come back, and he did. We did more shows, a tour (with the worst band ever, Murder One), etc. 1998 saw us in Japan again, and then recording "It Just Gets Worse". The drums and guitar for this one were recorded on a 4 track at our practice space and I took our shitty p.a. to the studio, did the vocals and mixed it there. It came out right at the end of our 1999 European tour with Flachenbrand and some gay band. Nate quit again (permanently) later in 1999, and was replaced by John Gillis. In September 2000, we recorded the "Defenders of the Hate" 7" and did a US tour. 2001 saw A.C. recording more stuff, and doing shows all over America, then breaking up for good this time. It seemed like the right time to do it, there wasn't much more we could've done, I was totally sick of doing it, and it's over. No fights, inside turmoils, scandals, etc. It's just over.......

The biography was written by Seth Putnam.