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Биография : Aggressive (SWE)

Aggressive started as a pretty horrible coverband called AcillateM, playing nice little tunes from bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath and Misfits. The line-up then was Fredrik (gtr/vox), Eerie (drums) and Andreas (bass). After a few months of practising Andreas decides that he wants to quit. Eerie then suggests an old friend to take the empty spot, and after one audition, Axel jumps in on leadguitar. The 2nd line-up concists of; Axl (vox/gtr), Fredrik (gtr) and Eerie (drums). Things starting to sound really heavy and shit.......and Axl commits suicide.

Axl forever gone and the band are back to two again. But that is not all, the amplifiers have been stolen during the short break. Great! But the band gets up on their feet again, this time with a new bassplayer, Jonas who also is a close friend to Eerie. 3rd lineup; Fredrik (gtr/vox), Eerie (drums/vox) and Jonas (bass). AcillateM soon gets in shape and Eerie starts to advertise for a "real" singer and a lead guitarist. After a bunch of auditions, some good and some not. In the end, they ends up with Chris. A bassplayer from the Swedish Oi! band Perkele. In the meantime Eerie and Jonas forms a punkband called Lowlife, also with a member from Perkele. This time with the guitarist Ron. But the band splits up after only a few weeks, this due to the lack of time. 4th Lineup; Chris (leadgtr), Eerie (drums/vox), Fredrik (gtr) and Jonas (bass). But they still have no singer....Still they enter the recording studio. The first sessions in Studio Rivertoon includes Sepulturas Slave New World, Black Sabbaths Symptom of the Universe, Motörheads I Am the Sword and Drains Klotera.

Then, an Italian-trash-metal-singer enters the arena. But the lack of Swedish and English langauge forces the band to look for another singer, and wishes "the Italian", the best of luck! So Eerie, who lay the vocals on the first demo, decides to give it a try. So the search for a good drummer starts.
The same thing over again, Crazies, Christians and Ego-Bastards tryout for the band. No one is good enough, except for the exceptional André. Who happens to be a very, very good drummer. 5th lineup; Eerie (vox), Fredrik (gtr), Chris (gtr), Jonas (bass) and André (drums).

The sound is better than ever, but André thinks that the guys are way to silly, and we are, so he quits. But this doesn't stop the band, the recording of their 2nd Demo starts, this time with specially written songs for a lowbudget movie. Aggressive Behaviour, Time, The Chosen One and the classic Rock'n'Roll Bitch see the light of day. After this, the auditions starts again (by now the band must be up to 50 auditions). Finally, Johan the Grindmaster hits the lights. A bit younger then the other guys but a pretty good drummerboy. So the 6th lineup concists of; Eerie (vox), Fredrik (gtr), Chris (gtr), Jonas (bass) and Johan (drums).

After a couple of months of rehearsal, Aggressive enters, for the third time, Rivertoon Studios. This time for the recording of a nine-track demo called "World Of Hate". The months fly by and the band loses their rehearsal place. In the meantime, after years of struggling, Eerie quits the band. This because of some fighting in the band. In the meantime, Fredrik finds a new rehearsalplace in the basement of an old school. And after a few weeks, Eerie returns to the band. Aggressive gets in shape and gets a chance to prove they also can play live, which they never had done. Except for one gig, with the coverband "Sprinklerz", and without Fredrik. But this time, for the second time, Fredrik can't join the guys on stage. So the emtpy spot goes out to Peter Stranne, a friend to Chris. Within a weeks notice, Peter learns all the songs and joins the band for a lousy gig at Club Frenzy. Back from the gig, Fredrik announce that he wants to quit. Here we go again....

For the first couple of weeks, the band struggles to learn the songs with only one guitar. But after these weeks the bands is back in old shape again. And they sounds better than ever, and for the first time in Aggressive history, they found their own sound. The 7th (and last, we hope!) lineup concists of; Jonas (bass), Grindmaster (drums), Chris (guitar) and Eerie (vocals).

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