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1917 was formed in Lima/Zarate, Argentina, in the middles of 1994 by Alejandro (guitar and vocals), Pansa (bass), Fernando (drums) and Marcos (vocals). They started writing and rehearsing their own songs and, in 1995, the band got their first gigs. Soon afterwards they entered studio to record five of their compositions. In 1996 the "Bienvenido a la Nada" demo-tape was released. It contained only four of the recorded songs, and the distribution was basically local.
Right after 1917 recorded two new songs, which were included on a demo/compilation entitled "Memorias de Muerte" (Argentina - May 1997). At the same time, they started to record the tracks that would be included on their first CD. But before the end of the recordings Pansa left the band, and all the activities were delayed to find a replacement.
In 1998 a new bass player named Damian joined the band, and the CD "Inti Huacay" was finished. After the release of this album Marcos decided to leave the band, and Alejandro took his place on vocals. 1917 continued working as a three piece band. A song taken from "Inti Huacay" was included on a compilation CD titled "Hermandad Metalica vol. I" (Argentina - December 1999).
In November 2000 they recorded a new song, which was included on several compilation CDs during 2001, as "Sacrilegio Extremo" (Argentina), "Ancient Ceremonies vol. IV" (Portugal), "Estei Jevi" (Argentina), "My Kingdom" (Italy), etc.
In June 2001 the band entered studio to record two songs for a compilation titled "Nahuel vol. III" (Argentina). After working on these recording sessions, both Fernando and Damian left the band. Then Alejandro composed the songs for a new album, and Pansa returned to 1917 to play the bass guitar again.
Between February and March 2002 they were working on studios, and the result was the release of their second album, titled "Genesis & Horror". Also, during September the band recorded new songs for a 3 way split CD entitled "Sudamerica Brutal vol. 2" (also feat. Slow Death and Slow Agony). Before the end of the year a musician named Eric joined 1917 as live drummer.
In the beginning of 2003 the band was included on some compilations, as "Infected Voice vol. V" (Peru), "Under Metal vol. I" (Peru) and "Acero # 19" (Ecuador). 1917 got some gigs and, during November, Alejandro and Pansa started with new recording sessions.
"Vision", their third album, was edited in Argentina (February 2004) and Mexico (July 2004). On the other hand, the band included two tracks on the compilation titled "Memorias de Muerte II". During this year the band played some live shows, and recorded two songs for the "Memorias de Muerte III" compilation. On December, 1917 started with the recording of a new album.
In April 2005 they released "Neo-Ritual". The band was included on the compilations titled "Subsuelo" (Mexico) and "Winter War" (Argentina). On December, "Neo-Ritual" was reissued in Mexico.
In January 2006 the band included two songs on the "Memorias de Muerte VI" compilation. In June 2006, 1917 included a version of "Blood Red" on a Slayer homage album titled "Al Sur Del Abismo" (Argentina). And, after ten years since the release of the demo tape, 1917 released a celebration album, titled "Testimonial". This CD includes some songs taken from all their previous efforts, plus two new songs and a couple of raw live recordings. Right after, Pansa decided to leave the band, but playing some more gigs before his departure. So Alejandro, as the only member for studio sessions, recorded a Death cover for a homage album titled "Mordiendo el Dolor" (Argentina), and the songs for the next 1917 album.
Before the middles of 2007, 1917 was included on two compilations entitled "Mano a Mano" and "Memorias de Muerte VIII". On June, a new 1917 album was finally released, under the title "Vox Fatum". This CD includes nine songs strongly involved on Death Metal, but without leaving the brutal Thrash Metal influences. After this new chapter, the search of a new bass player has started, in order to complete the lineup for future live shows.

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