Christofer Säterdal

Имя Christofer Säterdal
Birth date 1985
Страна Sweden
город Borlänge


Started off his music career in 2003 with the band Zombie Fetus where he played bass and handled all the vocals together with Jonas Arnberg (Drums- Fimbultyr) and Fredrik Hermansson (Guitar) as well as doing online-covers of metal songs with various friends.

After Zombie Fetus split-up he was asked to join Fimbultyr by Jonas(who then had no name) to play bass. He took the role and then took over the vocals completely as well as stepped down as the bass player. He also gave Fimbultyr its name.

Christofer writes all the lyrics for Fimbultyr as well as the short-lived "Apathetic" (grindcore, hard-core, death-metal project which consisted of Fimbultyr members)