Bates Casey

Имя Bates Casey
Birth date неизвестно
Страна USA
город Seattle

Casey Bates is a Seattle based music producer, mixer, and musician. He has recorded his own music and worked with several artists on record labels such as Fearless, Fueled by Ramen, Equal Vision Records, and Eyeball Records. He also took part in the formation of Gatsbys American Dream, the song writing in their first album, and contribution to songs in their later works.

Gatsbys American Dream
The formation of Gatsbys American Dream began shortly after members of One Point Two (Casey Bates, Bobby Darling, Dustin McGhie, and Josh Berg) met up with Nic Newsham and Ryan. According to Bobby, the music on their first album, Why We Fight, was written with Casey Bates and himself in One Point Two. Bates has also constantly been a part of Gatsbys's recording process, he produced and mixed both of the albums the band released on Fearless Records, their DVD, and has contributed vocals and instrumentation to their songs.

Produced albums