World Coming Down

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Band Name Type O Negative
Album Name World Coming Down
Type Album
Дата релиза 21 Сентябрь 1999
Лейблы Roadrunner Records
Музыкальный стильGothic Doom
Владельцы этого альбома242


 Skip It
 White Slavery
 Everyone I Love Is Dead
 Who Will Save the Sane?
 World Coming Down
 Creepy Green Light
 Everything Dies
 Pyretta Blaze
 All Hallows Eve
 Day Tripper (Medley)

Total playing time: 01:14:04

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Обзор @ vikingman369

28 Май 2011

Depressing, and not in the way the band meant it to be

So yeah, one day I decided 'what the hell, I'll just listen to Type O Negative.' After all, the late Peter Steele was a baritone - one of the few baritone singers in metal and from all appearances, World Coming Down was Ton's darkest material.

Needless to say, I was quite disappointed in what I heard. The only thing that really interested me was the track "Skip It." This was their "joke" intro track, where, at least on the CD, you hear the sound of your disc getting scratched up as a way to "punk" new-listeners. Its clever and all, and I thought that it was a rather fun way to start the album.

But as for the real tracks themselves, World Coming Down is depressing, and not in the way the band meant it to be. I can find more depressing music in Ulver's electronic albums, or, dare I say it, in the lyrics of Slipknot and/or Metallica. The atmosphere is not depressing, just really really noisy. I found myself getting bored of the album after having listened to only half of the tracks.

I would hardly say that this album is doom metal. I did not feel depressed or gloomy while listening to this, just bored out of my wits. If their intention was to bore me into depression, then they did win at that.

The really depressing part is Peter Steele. His talent as a baritone singer was wasted on this crappy un-doom band: wasted indeed because he died in 2010. But even more disconcerting is the type-casting we see with this band. Does this mean that baritones are "doomed" to sing only crappy, wanna-be doom metal that isn't even depressing? I hope that Rammstein is proof that they are not so doomed.

In the end, this album is just very unappealing - not because of the subject matter, or that its supposed to be "doom" metal. I've heard much darker things and am still alive to tell about it. It's just terrible altogether, and Peter Steele has too many moments of croaking like Boris Karloff than actual singing to make this salvageable.

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dragonJ - 28 Май 2011: I agree with Panzerjager, get Bloody Kisses or October Rust. These would be the best introduction to TON for a new listener.
r_temis - 02 Июнь 2011: bloody kisses. if you don't get it after that then you never will. TON was great and one of the best things about them is that you know you're listening to them even before peter's voice took over. they had their own sound, their own style, and like you (from what i read on your blog) they weren't interested in being a part of the "horde-mentality, just do what everyone says" metal-mob. peter steele once said he didn't consider their music "heavy metal" like all others, so your opinion of them NOT being doom metal would probably have amused and pleased him.
DarkXn - 02 Июнь 2011: I've always simply considered them as a goth band and not even thought about it any further, lol! Bloody Kisses IS an amazing album - there is obviously a fair bit of metal, in it, and - as on the track, We Hate Everyone - a bit of punk but it's goth all the way and I love it! I definitely don't think Pete's vocals were wasted! =)
Mayala - 05 Июнь 2011: I don't care how their music is called ... TON simply rocked me deep inside ... and what's depressing me is that there will never be an album with them again and I missed the chance to see them live ... and I sure was never bored from World Coming Down ... the title song is one of my fav songs ;-)
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