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Band Name Station
Album Name Wired
Type EP
Дата релиза Март 2013
Лейблы Self-Released
Музыкальный стильHard Rock
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Everything
2. True Believer
3. I'd Understand
4. Don't Take Heaven Away From Me

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Обзор @ martinsane

23 Февраль 2014

the only drawback to this EP, aptly titled Wired, is that it is an EP!

With the latest trend in melodic rock being predominantly contributed from overseas acts, It appears the Scandinavian bands monopoly may be in jeopardy, it is refreshing to know that a band as amazing as Station hails from the easterly shores of the good ole USA, the big apple if you please, NYC.
That's right amazing, I said it. the only drawback to this EP, aptly titled Wired, is that it is an EP! What a damn tease. Open case, insert disc and enjoy 4 of the most polished, well written, perfectly structured and just plain old enjoyable kick ass rock n roll ditties you could ever hope to hear come rollicking out of your stereo, ensconcing your soul, having you sing along in seconds and air guitars like it was 1980-something. But alas, then all too soon the disc is over. I know sad, but certainly leaving you aurally pleased, satisfied, yet wanting more. So much more. Why you say, cause it's that good. Its like ear candy. Its like soup. Its like nothings bad let me tell you that much.
The band as a whole is as solid as you can get. The players are really talented musicians and it shows throughout on Wired. One highlights, there are many, is the intro to Everything. It starts out with vocals, guitar and drums, nice and up tempo, real catchy and then pow in walks the bass and some extra crunchy guitar and your like well hello, simple yet highly effective song writing. The hard rocking and insanely hook laden True Believer and Don't Take Heaven Away from Me ( the latter with a lead riff reminiscent of the break in Panama by Van Halen , "I can barely see the road from the heat coming off...") and of course the heartfelt acoustic balladry of I'd Understand (think Extreme's More Than Words and Whole Hearted) round out the soon to be classic rock anthems on this disc. Chris Lane is a fantastic guitarist. Excellent riffs throughout, technically proficient, but not going over the top. Tasteful is what his work here is and Patrick Keamey's vocals are truly infectious. The mans got range, super distinct style and his voice is refreshingly crisp and clean. Souring highs and tons of melody. He reminds me of of a Tell No Tales era Tony Harnell. Heck the whole EP reminds me of that disc and classic TNT for that matter. I also get a good smattering of Kix, Z02 and Extreme as well and dare I say a little The Darkness too? Rounding out the band is bassist Mike Anderson and drummer Brian Karl holding the songs bottom end together with all the subtle layering of fills and thrills that makes your speakers flex and your windows rattle. If you dig amazing melodies, strong harmonies and songs that get your toes tapping, your eyes smiling and your soul singing than Wired from Station will surely please, making a mark on you and in turn, if the momentum from this EP rolls into what I could only hope is a 2014 full length, then Station should be poised to make their mark on more than the lucky SOB's back East and share their wealth with the rest of us around the globe.

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