Weapon of Mass Sexxxtruction

Список групп Thrash Heavy Ironfist Weapon of Mass Sexxxtruction
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Band Name Ironfist
Album Name Weapon of Mass Sexxxtruction
Type Album
Дата релиза Декабрь 2008
Музыкальный стильThrash Heavy
Владельцы этого альбома4


1. Shamans, Sickness and the Land of the Dead
2. Sexxxpocalyptic Darshannas
3. Transilvestite Hunger
4. Hateshrinkers
5. In the Realm of Spirits
6. Virgineaters
7. K.H.A.O.Serigalas
8. Call of the Hymenas... Lesbian Carrion
9. Scavengers of the Undying
10. Lament of the Ahl-I Batin
11. Vaginatron

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Обзор @ heavymetaltribune

28 Декабрь 2011

one hell of an entertaining record

There is a certain obsession with sex and violence when looking at Singaporean black/thrash metal band IronfisT and their debut full length album, Weapons of Mass Sexxxtruction says it all. After almost 10 years of nothing but demo, EP and split releases, the band finally releases their first full length album in 2008 and one look at the album tracklisting displays the band's perverse desires in its full glory. This promises to be a fun and wild, albeit slightly insane ride ahead.

The numerous split with other high profile bands such as Morbosidad and Sabbat displays the experience that the band has had, and probably points towards their musical style: dirty black/thrash metal sounding like a stripped-down, no-frills version of Singapore's Mighty Impiety. Insane shrieks greet the listener as the album begins proper with Sexxpocalyptic Darshannas, and the band presents to listeners their perverse lyrics, mixing up the sexual and the spiritual for the ultimate pleasure one could ever desire or imagine. The riffs that are unleashed by guitarists Psycho Fai and Al Ashraff are heavy as fuck, and the hyperactive lead guitar lines that are layered on top of these riffs makes for one hell of a fun album to listen to. There are times when the lead guitars just go on aimlessly and almost make the band sound as if they were high and simply doing whatever the hell they wanted. Vocalist Rape "the mad" Alhazred alternates between shrieks and gruff spoken-style vocals, and is backed by the constant presence of the rumbling bass of Whorelord Dille and the drums of Mokgasmatron.

The band also displays their ability to fuse seriousness and fun together, with songs on the albums written in such a way that they remain captivating throughout. Catchy guitar lines on top of the heaviness present make this album all the more interesting to listen to. Songs such as Transilvestite Hunger even include shout-a-long moments, such as when Rape "the mad" Alhazred commands the listener to "unleash the hunger!". Furthermore, the instrumental tracks In the Realm of Spirits and Lament of the Ahl-Batin display a perhaps more serious side of the band, containing only clean guitar lines, and almost sounds like it could come off an early Rudra record, with the Eastern feel of the melodies present, especially the latter track. The shorter songs like Call of the Hymenas... Lesbian Carrion displays the strong element of fun that the band puts in their music, and sounds like a suitable track to do a short jiggle to in the midst of all chaos.

Weapons of Mass Sexxxtruction is one hell of an entertaining record to listen to, and is certainly a suitable record to party in reckless abandon, sounding like an Impiety or Mantak with a strong sense of humour and lust. If you also like bands like Bestial Mockery, this album would certainly get your head banging, only that this time it is without the extravagant usage of chainsaws.

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