Tumor For Dinner

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Band Name Impaled Bitch
Album Name Tumor For Dinner
Type MCD
Дата релиза 2009
Лейблы Self-Produced
Музыкальный стильPorno Gore Grind
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. No War No Profit
2. Radioactivity
3. I'm Tumor
4. Extinguing Humanity

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Обзор @ GandhiEgo

02 Сентябрь 2009
Impaled Bitch is a rather young band from Italy. They formed back in 2008 in Calabria and even though some well famous Metal site mentions two people in the band, it is rather a one-man-band in the person of Soso who plays all instruments.
Impaled Bitch's discography is one demo and another self-released EP "Worms". With the release of the newest offering “Tumor For Dinner”, a four-track bestial act, Impaled Bitch delivers some 8 minutes of sheer brutality but not only.
The cover is a bit reminiscent of Impaled’s Mondo Medicale and obviously since the bands’ names are quite similar, I was thinking their music would be similar as well. Well, they’re not but it doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable.
The four tracks are rather crushing and quite well executed. I know some people are allergic to drum programming but I believe Soso did a fair job with his. Maybe it could have been put forward a little bit less in the final mix, but overall it's not that prominent a feature and it is not ruining the musical experience at all.
The music is a rather well formed mix of brutal death metal and more grind-like parts. Soso's growls are interesting since they combine your typical Death Metal growls with some inflections that rather lean on the pig squeal side very much like Abuse's Mr Nasty.
Tumor For Dinner” incorporates various elements and even some melodic ones. “No War No Profit” even displays a nice solo and the riffing overall is fairly nice and entertaining. All four tracks accommodate sheer brutality with more crushing mid-tempo parts nicely inserted here and there (and prominently on “Radioactivity”).
Considering the sheer (and stupid) amount of bands getting signed nowadays that release full-lengths of terrible quality, I certainly hope that a band like Impaled Bitch will soon get its own record deal. It’s obviously not ground-breaking but it’s honestly executed and deserves some attention.
I know it’s self-produced and yet my only outright criticism would be to work better on the mix, the drum programming is too much there and the vocals should have gotten a better share. Anyhow, it's not that anything in “Tumor For Dinner” is unacceptable, I have a few demos from classic bands that sound much worse than this, and it’s certainly nothing that a decent engineer could not fix.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the band were to release some album in the forthcoming year so take some time to visit Impaled Bitch's myspace and give "Tumor For Dinner” a nice try.

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