Through the Eternal Damnation

Список групп Death Metal Engulfed Through the Eternal Damnation
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Band Name Engulfed
Album Name Through the Eternal Damnation
Type EP
Дата релиза 05 Ноябрь 2012
Музыкальный стильDeath Metal
Владельцы этого альбома11


1. Triumph of the Impious 05:24
2. Summoned 05:24
3. Supreme Lord of Blasphemy 06:15
4. Inseminated with Demon Seed 07:29
Total playing time 24:32

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Обзор @ GandhiEgo

06 Декабрь 2012

Cold Turkey? I don't think so.

In the early nineties Death Metal was obviously very much more localized than it is today. Understand by this, that most of it came from very select parts of the world consisting almost mainly of the US, the UK and Scandinavia. Today’s Death Metal can be found just about anywhere and Turkey is just one of these countries where a whole new and good scene exists with quite a few successes. Actually drawing members from two of the better known Extreme bands in Turkey, Deggial and Burial Invocation, Engulfed have been born since 2010 and released this year their first ever material directly on EP through Hellthrasher Productions.

I have now two questions for you. Are you, like me, one of these people that thinks it’s a damn shame we have to wait so long for Italy’s Voids of Vomit to release something new? OK, you don’t have to answer especially if you don’t know the band. Alright, a simpler question then. Isn’t it about time that Dead Congregation should release a second album?

If you’ve answered no at both questions, I suggest you leave immediately. If you’ve answered yes, I suggest you stay because Engulfed really deliver Death Metal that’s exactly on par with both Voids of Vomit and Dead Congregation. Sure, Through the Eternal Damnation has only four songs and it may sound a bit preposterous and even dangerous to write such things based on just 25 minutes of music. But what 25 minutes of music those minutes are.

Vocally speaking, try to think a deeper and more guttural version of ND’s Barney while the rhythm section, bass and drums, pound its way like one carves a knife in the flesh. Reminiscent of Dead Congregation in the riffing, the band also develops a few similarities in brutality with Australia’s Ignivomous except that the Turks don’t simply blast their way through nonstop but can also add killer down tempo parts that will leave a few bruised ribs and red eyes in the pit which is where the Voids of Vomit comparison comes in fine.

I’m not going to ramble on and on. As I wrote it’s only four tracks of fantastic value and great quality but it’s only four tracks. Which undoubtedly will leave you wanting for more until the band finally releases a proper debut with twice as many songs (or more if they wish so) and which I certainly hope will make you rave on and on. If you had missed Hellthrasher Productions’ other great release this year, Resurgency, try and strike two birds with one stone. If you already have Resurgency’s debut and think of it as one of the better records put out this year, don’t miss out on the label’s latest and prodigious new release. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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