The Sound of Madness

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Band Name Shinedown
Album Name The Sound of Madness
Type Album
Дата релиза 24 Июнь 2008
Лейблы Atlantic Records
Музыкальный стильAlternative Metal
Владельцы этого альбома86


1. Devour
2. Sound of Madness
3. Second Chance
4. Cry for Help
5. The Crow & the Butterfly
6. If You Only Knew
7. Sin With a Grin
8. What a Shame
9. Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
10. Breaking Inside
11. Call Me
Bonustracks (Limited Edition)
12. I Own You
13. Energy
14. Son of Sam
Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
12. The Energy
13. Son of Sam
14. I Own You
15. Junkies for Fame
16. Second Chance (Acoustic Version)
17. The Crow & the Butterfly (Pull Mix)
18. Her Name is Alice
19. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
20. Breaking Inside (Feat Lzzy Hale)

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Обзор @ An_Unspoken_Slave

02 Август 2012

I don't think I'll be touching this or the new one for a very, very long time.

A thing about Shinedown that I always loved was it's care and love towards their lyrics. With older songs like Better Version, All I ever Wanted, 45, Simple Man, Burning Bright, Save Me, Shed Some Light, you get the point, they put love and emotion into their songs. So naturally I was pretty excited for this CD. I was highly disappointed. The band set such a high standard for themselves making almost every song on both their older albums amazing with only a few missing. This CD is just a train wreck into those masterpieces of albums.

Second Chance is not bad, it's the only song I kind of like on this thing, though I never heard the bonus tracks, which I was glad of, this one sort of made up for my wasted money. It touched on some emotional level like they used to, not really, but at least they kind of tried here. The next song of Cry for Help sounds mainstream like they didn't try, Crow and Butterfly isn't that bad so I'll give them that. The next song sounds the same as Crow to me and sounds lazy but it's fine I guess. Sin is just an ear sore and Shame sounds lazy again, it's like their trying to copy everyone else and it really is a shame compared to the older albums. Don't even touch Tooth Suicide, it's just the same, and Breaking Inside sounds like their trying to get back to what they had but can't. You can't even hear the emotion, you can't even hear their honesty other than they want some more money. It's sad. I hate their vocals in Call Me, just stop.

Thankfully that's the end of the song list from my non-bonus CD could handle, and I was thankful. This ear sore really insulted the fans from previous albums and tried to gain some other audience that they wanted to have; maybe everyone else's that was mainstream? Did they think they were that far behind that they needed to put everything in the trash and throw it all away just to sound like tools? It's sad to watch a band change from such grace, talent, and originality to this waste of space. The poem in Us and Them still gives me a little bit of chill and amazement as the little girl talks into my ear; I mean come on. Where is all that in this! There isn't, there's just a load of normal without anything that should be labeled as "Shinedown". I still listen to the older CDs but I don't think I'll be touching this or the new one for a very, very long time.

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Crinn - 02 Август 2012: If all you post is 1/20 and 20/20 reviews the admins are going to either ban or suspend you. I'm not one of them but I want to see more variety in the scores you give the albums you review. Besides, this album isn't even CLOSE to a 1/20, I would give it more like an 8 or 9.
Crinn - 02 Август 2012: Plus, Cry for Help has a shitload of energy both in the recording and on stage when I saw them live.
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