The Isle of Disenchantment

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Band Name Psycroptic
Album Name The Isle of Disenchantment
Type Album
Дата релиза Январь 2001
Музыкальный стильTechnical Death
Владельцы этого альбома46


Re-Issue in 2013 by Thanatopsis Records with a new artwork
1. Carnival of Vulgarity 04:08
2. The Sword of Uncreation 04:17
3. Condemned by Discontent 04:20
4. Netherworld Reality 03:20
5. The Isle of Disenchantment 03:23
6. Of Dull Eyes Borne 05:01
7. Psycroptipath 06:00
8. Beneath the Ground We Dwell 02:57
9. The Labyrinth 05:26
Total playing time 38:52

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Обзор @ CLucker666

10 Июль 2012

Very impressive for a self-released album

Well I am sure most of you guys know Psycroptic as they are on Nuclear Blast records so they obviously have something to offer, and that all started with this album. It is a self-released debut but has so much potential and I am sure it helped them climb to the ranks that they are at today. Well this band and album are both pretty unique and here is what I think makes it.

First I am going to say they only bad things about it. Sometimes the snare drum sounds pretty bad and it is a little irritating and the production is not great but I really did not expect anything better and for a self-released it is actually great quality so that is not much of a factor. That is pretty much the only things I could possibly complain about.

The vocals like in every Psycroptic album are awesome and so unique. He has so much of a variety in his vocals by doing your classic death metal lows, to an aggressive mid and a shrieking high pitch that I love. He even has a guttural low and he does one type of "yell" or "shout" thing that can get irritating to a first listener but if you are use to it then it will not bother you at all. I am not so sure I loved it at first but as the band grew on me I learned to accept it and take it as one of the bands positive traits that make them Psycroptic.

The band definitely focused on speed and technicality throughout most of the album although there are some slower, not so melodic but just slow and groovy parts I guess. There is even some singing in the second and last track which is nowhere near amazing or perfect but in a way I really like it and it definitely works for me. Now some bands that focus on speed and technicality will have an album where the songs all sound the same but that is one thing I like about this album. They have a good way of making each song standout and sound a bit different from the previous one. The more I listen to this album the better it gets and the more songs that standout to me.

If you think you are going to check this album I would recommend Carnival of Vulgarity, The Isle of Disenchantment(although it starts off with the yell/shout vocals but if you don't like them just wait a few seconds and the high pitches will kick in), and Psycroptipath. If you wanna hear some of the singing then check out The Sword of Uncreation which is also great and The labyrinth which is the outro track. Not really any of the songs can give you a bad opinion on the song so don't be afraid to choose a different song then the ones I mentioned above.

The Isle of Disenchantment is really an astonishing debut effort from the band. I don't think they could have started their career any better other than if they tuned their drums a little better but he is such a good drummer that it makes up for it. I recommend this album to any death metal fans because I am sure you will not be let down. I gave it a 17/20.

P.S there are no videos that relate to this album so here is a more recent video.

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Crinn - 10 Июль 2012: It's rare for a band (especially a tech death band) to release a debut THIS good. I like it know how most tech death out there has really high-quality sound production? I like it because it's tech death, but crappy quality...sort of reminding me of Atheist :P
CLucker666 - 11 Июль 2012: nothing about this album is bad at all, thanks for giving me such a good album to review^^
Crinn - 11 Июль 2012: If you haven't already, you should listen to (Ob)Servant, that's my personal favorite Psycroptic record. I remember them playing a bunch of songs off of that (and this) album when I saw them two years ago.
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