The Forbidden

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Band Name Spawn Of Possession
Album Name The Forbidden
Type Demo
Дата релиза 26 Август 2000
Лейблы Pama Records
Музыкальный стильTechnical Death
Владельцы этого альбома5


1. Intro / Sick 00:52
2. Dead and Grotesque 04:45
3. The Forbidden 04:25
4. Dirty Priest 03:08
Total playing time 13:10

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Spawn Of Possession

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Обзор @ DawnOfWinterSolstice

05 Ноябрь 2010
The Forbidden contains good content for what it is (considering it only has 4 tracks, 3 of which are actual songs). The album starts out with some sort of monologue called “Intro (Sick)”, which I couldn’t quite make out that is somewhat eerie, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. I can’t complain about the fact that it only has 3 tracks considering it’s only an extended play. Spawn of Possession is known as a Brutal Technical Death Metal Band, but this EP is really just regular Brutal Death Metal, with a touch of Grind in it. Even though Spawn of Possession has received more fans now, I was surprised at the production value for this EP, because it was their first piece of material ever released when they were virtually unknown, and the sound quality was excellent.

The lyrical content is what’s expected of a Brutal Death Metal album, Gore, Death, the Undead etc. The singer is really guttural, and the vocals go with the guitar pretty well, which is mostly fast, and clearly complex heavy riffs, but I wouldn’t say it’s so technical to be called Tech Death (as they later progressed to). Every solo on the album is extremely fast, and makes use of sweep picking. It goes good for brutal death metal, but I was kind of surprised there wasn’t one note you could hear for more then a millisecond. Sure that just proves the guitarists skill, but I’d have liked to see a little bit more style. The drums on every track have at least a couple crazy fast blast beats, again typical, but not bad. I noticed one or two breakdowns on the alum, which was also good, and the drummer also used to some extent, complex double bass every now and then.

Over all, it’s good EP, nothing amazing that stuck out to me compared to other average Brutal Death/Grind albums/EP’s, but it is satisfying when you are in the mood for some brutality.

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