The First Sign - Abandon All Hope

Список групп Black Metal Shrapnel (PL) The First Sign - Abandon All Hope
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Band Name Shrapnel (PL)
Album Name The First Sign - Abandon All Hope
Type Split
Дата релиза Март 2003
Лейблы Apocalypse Production
Музыкальный стильBlack Metal
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Do You Understand
2. Anybody Hear Me???
3. Disease in Your Head
4. That's All You Can Do
5. Zero
6. Kiss of Truth
7. Exterminate
8. Panzer Desertstorm
9. Desecration Text
10. For My Beloved Whore
11. Undead Avanger
12. Siege of Heaven
13. Abandon All Hope
14. Blasphemy (The Fall of the Nazarene)
15. Reign of Fire, Revel in Violence

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