The Calling

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Band Name Ancient Wisdom
Album Name The Calling
Type Album
Дата релиза 1997
Лейблы Avantgarde Music
Музыкальный стильAtmospheric Black
Владельцы этого альбома25


1. The Awakening of the Ancient Serpent 00:36
2. The Calling of Nocturnal Demons 06:29
3. As the Twelve Legions of Angels Died 00:38
4. In the Profane Domain of the Frostbeast 07:56
5. Spiritual Forces of Evil in the Heavenly Realms 07:36
6. And to the Depths They Descended 01:37
7. At the Stone of Ancient Wisdom 10:37
8. Of Darkness Spawned into Eternity 06:42
9. Through the Mist of Dusk They Arose and Clad the Sky with Fire 06:23
Total playing time 48:34