The Bottom of Chaos

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Band Name Rentrer En Soi
Album Name The Bottom of Chaos
Type Album
Дата релиза 01 Август 2007
Лейблы Free Will
Музыкальный стильVisual Kei
Владельцы этого альбома15


1. I was Damned
2. Just Mad Pain
3. Ushinawareta Fuukei No Yume
4. The Abyss of Despair
5. Thorny Rain Break
6. Misshitsu To Kodoku Ni Dokusareta Yuutsu
7. Misery Loves Poisonous Blue
8. Amongst Foolish Enemies
9. Shinwa
10. To Infinity
11. Growl
12. I hate myself and want to ...

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Rentrer En Soi

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Обзор @ Shimbo

10 Сентябрь 2009
The Bottom of Chaos was Rentrer En Sois last full-length album before their disbanding in 2008 and it really shows how far they had progressed over the years. Rentrer En Soi started out as a cookie-cutter visual kei band that had flourishes of creativity in their music, such as the occasional ambient rock flourishes found in some of their earlier work. However with the release of their second and self-titled album, they showed maturity and creativity. This would all lead to their third and last album, a alternative/melodic metal masterpiece of 21st century visual kei and Japanese rock as a whole.

The album starts off immediately with I WAS DAMNED, a song with powerful and heavy stop-and-start riffs with lots of front-man Satsukis screaming. His screaming is carried throughout the entire album, even though they can hardly be called necessary or good. The heavy opener gives way to a still rocking, but much more melodic JUST MAD PAIN which has Satsuki using more clean vocals and nice vocal melodies. This track gives way to an unexpectedly sudden ballad, 失われた風景の夢 (Ushinawareta fuukei no yume), which just goes to show you how this band has become confident in themselves and is related through the music. 失われた風景の夢 is a good ballad which utilizes Satsukis wonderfully melodic vocals and beautiful vocal melodies and slight guitars to create a melancholic mood that permeates the song throughout.

The Abyss of Despair is a meatier song, not in length, but in execution. It starts with some hard riffage and Satsuki speaking over it and gives way to one of the best songs on the album. The riffs are hard but melodic and mix well with Satsukis confident vocals and the unpredictable drumming to create a song that will have you air guitaring all over the place. For all its greatness it is very short. THORNY RAIN BREAK is a bit more intriguing. The beginning chords give way to meaty but slow riffage helped by distant keyboards and nice drumming. A powerful chorus and a lovely little interlude with Satsuki using falsetto backed by keyboards, harps, and ambient guitar chords make this song one of the highlights on the disc.

Unfortunately, the next song is a failure. The band attempts to use a old sound and new sound dichotomy and is unsuccessful. The verses are heavy with ridiculous screaming and Satsuki worst performance on the whole CD and the choruses are poppier splashed with chesse. Thankfully MISERY LOVES POISONOUS BLUE is much better with great riffage, much better vocal melodies, confident vocals, great basslines, and a heavy verse, lighter chorus dichotomy which is pulled off successfully, and a great intensity throughout. Amongst Foolish Enemies is one of the heaviest tracks here. It starts with heavy riffage which gives way to Satsuki sort of chanting and doing some weird vocals and then later screaming. The song emits pure violent energy and the chorus has Satsuki desperately singing to stay on top of the guitars, which actually adds to the aesthetic of the song. The song has a third verse has Satsuki growling and screaming his small ass of followed by more desperate chorus. Great song but again short. 神話 (Shinwa) is the complete opposite of the very metal AMONGST FOLLISH ENEMIES, this one being a sugary ballad. Satsuki sings his melodic vocals over a melancholic and glistening piano aided by mood setting synths. The song is tense and builds up until the song explodes and the band joins in for a short time. The song ends the way it started with Satsukis gorgeous vocals and gives way to TO INFINITY.

TO INFINITY has a great intro but goes downhill from there. The song is not bad so much as bland and there is really nothing keeping it afloat. Afterward, however, the METALZ comes back for GROWL which has some meat grinding riffs and frantic drumming but some ridiculous and over the top vocals. The clean, but badass, vocals are good but Satsuki over does his out of control screams and just ends up being ridiculous. If you can forget the vocals though, the song is bitchin. I HATE MYSELF AND WANT TO DIE is the majestic finisher of this epic album. The songs starts with interesting riffs and added effects for a dark feeling and takes off when Satsuki comes into the picture. The song carries a creepy feeling and Satsukis vocals reflect this. The harsh verses contrast with the rather melodic chorus for interesting dynamics. The song carries dark, menacing emotions with great tension and momentum. The song finishes with Satsuki singing melancholic but resigned vocals that lead in to his emotional screaming which ends this album.

The album is a masterpiece of heavy, yet melodic metal that creates a melancholic mood throughout, whether it be in a darker, more menacing way, or a more resigned and yearing manner. The compositions, for the most part, are spot on with great stop-and-start riffage, good basslines, unpredictable drumming, and gorgeous vocals and vocal melodies and a sensibility for dynamics within a song. Although, there last full-length album, this disc shows whats to come of their final year and their magnum opus Megiddo. Regardless, this album is great and carries in it Rentrer En Sois magic, who are to be remembered as one of visual rocks finest bands.

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