The Aftermath

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Band Name Bonded By Blood
Album Name The Aftermath
Type Album
Дата релиза 02 Июль 2012
Лейблы Earache Records
Produced by
Музыкальный стильThrash Metal
Владельцы этого альбома40


1. I Can't Hear You
2. Shepherds of Rot
3. The Aftermath
4. Crawling in the Shadows
5. In a Wake
6. Repulsive
7. Among the Vultures
8. Show No Fear
9. Restless Mind
10. Left Behind
11. Killing in the Name

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Обзор @ hailmonster

10 Июль 2012

...thrash is certainly alive and well.

Bonded By Blood has been a major band in a new wave of recent thrash metal for a while now. This exciting band was started in inspiration of Exodus and the name is even derived from an Exodus release. However, Bonded By Blood have proven they aren't just some 2-bit Exodus tribute band. Sure, there are obviously huge influences from the elite thrash monster, but Bonded By Blood still manage to effortlessly create a unique sound and style of their own, all while retaining a throwback resemblance factor to Exodus and giving it a fresh, optimistic face that looks brightly toward the future.

The Aftermath, the band's third album, is by far the band's most magnificent yet. New vocalist Mauro Gonzales proves he's the perfect man to step in and complete the band after the exit of Barrales. His choice vocal styles compliment the band's fast, heavy sound in a magnificent way. The Aftermath is also perhaps the band's most focused album so far. They're done spending the time proving themselves to the world in thrash metal trenches, and now they're excessively free to analyze every note to the point of perfection.

Songs from this album would fit neatly into a playlist featuring tons of classic thrash giants from the 80's, a pleasant idea for experienced metal geeks, but this is also the kind of record that can appeal to a younger audience. The Aftermath has an incredible trait of sounding modern and yet so fitting with aged hit albums of the genre. I can't help but think that Bonded By Blood could be the band to introduce a whole new generation to thrash metal.

They combine everything we love about thrash in a fluid manner. Huge, guitar hooks join with fiery riffs, and speedy beats that create a sound that just forces you into a headbanging trance. But it's when you step back to wonder why you started headbanging in the first place that's really mesmerizing. Everything about the release seems to be in flawless harmony and order, while creating an energy that rivals those belonging to kings of the genre. This is simply an undeniably fun thrash album. Even the cover of Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine, is surprisingly respectable, and enjoyable.

The idea of thrash being dead just isn't graspable in light of bands like Bonded By Blood. The Aftermath is an album that should likely please all metalheads looking for bands with talent to match the sounds of their heroes, and yet excite newer, younger listeners. This band is definitely going places, and I can't wait for a fourth record. In conclusion, thrash is certainly alive and well.

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hailmonster - 12 Июль 2012: hack, no problem. I'm glad you enjoyed the review and I think the album is definitely worth the money!

Crinn, I think you'll enjoy it anyhow. The vocals are pretty similar to past releases, it's just kinda upgraded. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. Hope you like the album!
hailmonster - 27 Июль 2012: Ephiros, I do see where you are coming from. However, I believe the idea of masterpiece is an idea held in one's own perspective. You and I would agree that Ride The Lightning is a masterpiece, but there are those that believe it's overated and boring.

My reason for 19/20? It's a thrash paradise. I'm not even a huge fan of thrash in general, and yet I was still hugely impressed by the energy this release gives off. It wouldn't be fair to give the album a lower rating simply because Slayer or Destruction didn't record it, especially while it rates higher in my opinion.

Once again, I do see where you're coming from, thanks for commenting :)
bluelight - 29 Август 2012: Iv never listened to this band play their music nor have I even

heard of this particular band.Although according to the review I just read and My personal knowledge of the awesome band Exodus this band sounds extremely good.
hailmonster - 31 Август 2012: bluelight, you should definitely give them a try. They rarely dissapoint.
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