Space Prison of Astrol Iyuntis

Список групп Cyber Metal Umbah Space Prison of Astrol Iyuntis
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Band Name Umbah
Album Name Space Prison of Astrol Iyuntis
Type Album
Дата релиза 10 Октябрь 2015
Лейблы Self-Released
Музыкальный стильCyber Metal
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Revenge of the Flesh Eating Boar 02:41
2. Message from the Cybersea Plateau 02:45
3. Dance of the Holographic Aliens from Jupiter 02:10
4. I Seek the Oracle Za-rh C'Nehonthau 03:18
5. The Last Bioform Perishes Unseen in the Castle of No Logic 03:17
6. Princess Vela vs The Martian Pilgrim 03:05
7. Beastblade the Putrid and the Curse of the Mega Soldiers 02:16
8. Earth's Not Safe 01:11
9. Rituals 01:56
10. Venom in the Mind 02:30
11. Space Prison of Astrol Iyuntis 02:13
12. Seven Heads 02:22
Total playing time 28:24

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