Primo Victoria

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Band Name Sabaton
Album Name Primo Victoria
Type Album
Дата релиза 2005
Музыкальный стильMelodic Power
Владельцы этого альбома240


Re-Issue in 2010 by Nuclear Blast with 6 bonustracks
1. Primo Victoria 04:10
2. Reign of Terror 03:51
3. Panzer Battalion 05:09
4. Wolfpack 05:55
5. Counterstrike 03:48
6. Stalingrad 05:18
7. Into the Fire 03:25
8. Purple Heart 05:07
9. Metal Machine 04:22
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2010)
10. The March to War 01:21
11. Shotgun 03:14
12. Into the Fire (Live in Falun 2008) 04:08
13. Rise of Evil (Live in Falun 2008) 08:03
14. The Beast (Twisted Sister Cover) 03:11
15. Dead Soldier's Waltz 01:21
Total playing time 41:10

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Комментарий @ Szyma2323

22 Май 2008
Primo Victoria was shown to the world at 2005.
The CD contains nine songs, all of them are very well written and even better played. The whole CD contains power metal, wich in one moment is closer to Melodic Power Metal, in the next to Gothic Power Metal and in the other moment to Hard Rock.
Joakim's Brodén's voice combined with this kind of music and the war atmosphere gives a unearthly result.
The lyrics on the CD are a big tribute for the allied forces in the World War II, the allie soldiers are shown in a poetical, almoust gothic way.
The title "Primo Victoria" tells us the story about sixth of june nineteen forty four - the landing of the allied forces on the shores of normandy, but not only...
"Primo Victoria" was thought also to be the first album of Sabaton (a few years before 2005, but the record company didn't bring the plan to reality).
"Primo Victoria"-was meant to be Sabaton's first great victory as a band...
All the songs on the CD are about war or things that can be put on the same shelf.
Saying "about war" I mean the wars of the XX-th century: "Primo Victoria", "Reign Of Terror", "Panzer Battalion", "Wolfpack", "Stalingrad", "Into The Fire", "Purple Heart",
but thre is also "Counterstrike", which tells us the story of the war between the allied forces of Syria and Jordan atacking Israel and "Metal Machine"-this track is the ending of the CD, the song is a metaphore of the autor himself as the title "Metal" Machine...

My own opinion: Very good music, lyrics that Shakespeare would be proud of and That Voice.
To sum up, very good album.

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