Oimai Algeiou

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Band Name Algaion
Album Name Oimai Algeiou
Type Album
Дата релиза 1995
Лейблы Full Moon Productions
Музыкальный стильMelodic Black
Владельцы этого альбома10


1. Venenum Hominitatis (Intro) 04:10
2. Natrices Educati 04:06
3. Heosphoros 05:19
4. In Aede Dolorium 07:18
5. On the Reach of Zaphonia 05:24
6. Kratos 08:21
7. The Last Delusion 12:17
Total playing time 46:55

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Комментарий @ melod3ath

10 Февраль 2008
As everyone knows today Abyss is run by Hypocrisy’s frontman Peter Tägtgren. The songs on this first album was quite much in the line of the widely celebrated Algaion 1993 demo. Fast black metal with a considerable greek influence. Another trademark for this album is that the songs are very long. The Last Delusion for example lasting 1ourteen minutes. The album is still available from Fullmoon Productions.

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