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Band Name Corelia
Album Name Nostalgia
Type EP
Дата релиза Сентябрь 2011
Лейблы Self-Released
Музыкальный стильProgressive Metal
Владельцы этого альбома1


1. Treetops 04:52
2. Glass Faces 04:31
3. The Sound of Glaciers Moving 04:30
4. Aviation 03:15
5. Red Sky Harbor 06:00
6. Mute Swan 01:51
7. Blood Petals 06:14
Total playing time 31:13

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Обзор @ McLovinSkittlez

31 Декабрь 2013

highly memorable record with just small production imperfections

Nostalgia is Progressive Metal act Corelia's devut EP, and if this has anything to say for the future, they are going to dominate the scene.

I'm going to jump right into this, and I will start with track one, "Treetops". The track opens up with one of the coolest and engaging riffs I've ever heard.Soon after you are met with the vocalists ear-piercing singing, and I will tell you, i was still trying to catch my breath from the opening riff, this just took the cake for me. The vocalist reminds me a lot of Travis Richter (From First to Last, The Human Abstract) except this guy's voice sounds a hell of a lot more powerful and emotional. The rest of the track is filled with colorful riffs, and Spencer Sotello even offers his beautiful pipes as a guest vocalist. There's also very notable drumming going on. All I can say is, that without a doubt, the guy behind the set knows what the hell he is doing. This track is easily my favorite out of the seven and is the perfect way to start my day.

Coincidently, track two "Glass Faces" is my other favorite off of Nostalgia. It begins with the vocalist going very high into his range, and it is yet again breathtaking. Once again, this track is filled with colorful riffs, superb drumming, some of the best vocal work I've heard in a long time. This guy has some fucking range. Behind all of the exceptional instrumentation, the bassist is playing some very memorable lines, straying away from the roots of the guitarists, and going off in a very solid, colorful, and seemingly easy manner that really relaxed me as well as kept me super engaged.

What I just mentioned about my two favorite songs, I could say yet again for the other five remaining tracks. Every musician is a standout. The guitarists play some very intriguing rhythms, extremely engaging and complex riffing, and when the leads take over during the solos, he really just shines even more by effortlessly and colorfully giving the listener a break, if you will, from all the layers. I'm not saying the solos are boring. HELL NO. They're just very melodic, soft, and colorful pieces that you can relax to. Throughout the entire course of Nostalgia, the drummer proves his worth by effortlessly laying out the tempo, and transitioning tempos without halting any of the music. I can tell he plays a fairly large set because he just sounds all over the place, and I say that in the most 'in control' way possible, if that makes sense. The bassist, who sometimes seems a little drowned out by the empowering lead guitars, is definitely worth mentioning. There are several times where you notice him scaling the neck of his bass and just grooving along without following the leads too much. My favorite musician ,though, is the vocalist. His range is out of this fucking world. He can hit the highest notes without any strain, and his growls, although where they lack being very deep, are quite spine-chilling.

The only complaints I have about Nostalgia is the production work. I do respect the fact that this is self-released and they really did a great job overall on the production side of things, but there are a few things they can improve upon. One thing is that, although the vocalist strikes the ear with laser-precision, he sounds drowned out by the instruments. That goes to say with the bass too. I'd really like to hear more what he is doing, because the bassist is extremely important in this style of metal. Those are the only small faults I found in Nostalgia, and they only rendered the EP from being perfect by just a small margin. Overall, Nostalgia displays incredible musicianship, focus, and maturity, especially for a band this young. It is extremely engaging and the listener (myself lol) will never find himself bored, and I highly doubt you will either. I give Nostalgia a nearly perfect 18/20 score for being a highly memorable record with just small production imperfections.

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Sylosismic - 31 Декабрь 2013: This EP is nothing but such a half hour of gladness! We ask, we want more!
McLovinSkittlez - 31 Декабрь 2013: We should see a full-length in 2014. I can't fucking wait.
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