Mémoire de Singes

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Band Name Lofofora
Album Name Mémoire de Singes
Type Album
Дата релиза 08 Октябрь 2007
Лейблы At(h)ome
Музыкальный стильFusion
Владельцы этого альбома145


1. Mémoire de Singes 03:44
2. Nous Autres 02:39
3. Dernier Jugement 04:30
4. Tous les Mêmes 04:00
5. Tricolore 04:06
6. Comme des Bêtes 03:57
7. Belle la Vie 03:06
8. Torture 03:51
9. Nobody's Perfect 04:52
10. Employé du Mois 01:49
11. Nuit Blanche 04:47
12. 5h43 05:41
13. Trop 03:29
Total playing time 50:31

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Обзор @ Julien

14 Октябрь 2007
One of the most famous French bands is back with its sixth album. To do things properly, Lofo has armed up to the teeth. Everything has been boosted and it's going to be a real tear-jerker. Still showing no compromises, the band has clearly given itself the means to break open reinforced doors with this quite huge Mémoire de Singes.

Indeed, Lofo has successfully combined its spite with a potentially disconcerting modernity. Yes, Lofo's sound has evolved and is prepared for the slap. Not really surprising as Laurenx Etxemendi was on the helm (he produced the last Gojira's album, so I'm sure you see what I mean by big sound). Because of that, the old fans might be a bit surprised by the real wall that will rise in front of them. If their slightly dirty punk attitude is still there, it is now also extremely modern.

As far as music is concerned, it is definitely punchy. One rediscovers the Lofo of former times. Not a lot of respite in Mémoire de Singes. Moreover, talking about memories, it has been a long time since the band has produced such a compact block of spite. There are no more than a few mid-tempo riffs, which gives a great result. Indeed, if the album sounds punchy, it is also very groovy. Each piece has its own structure and the variation of tempo is a real pleasure. Each title is very dynamic and unique. Rhythmic is very solid and much more aggressive than some titles of their preceding opus. Like Mass Hysteria, the band delivers one of its most complete and extreme album to date.

As far as lyrics are concerned, well, no surprise, the style of Lofo is still there. The texts are strong and vicious as expected. No compromises, everyone is told off. The mixing let the singing ahead and the final result is killing. Even the quieter passages are intense.

A big French success as we like it. The year 2007 has brought a real pleasure by numerous French bomb attacks. After that, one could not say France has no talent in Metal music.

Translated by Heavyboy

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