Inhale - Exhale

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Band Name Nasum
Album Name Inhale - Exhale
Type Album
Дата релиза 26 Май 1998
Лейблы Relapse Records
Recorded at Soundlab studios
Музыкальный стильGrindcore
Владельцы этого альбома108


1. This Is... 00:24
2. The Masked Face 01:51
3. Digging In 00:18
4. Time to Act! 01:21
5. Disdain and Contempt 00:32
6. I See Lies 01:10
7. Inhale/Exhale 01:35
8. Too Naked to Distort 00:48
9. There's No Escape 01:40
10. The Rest Is Over 01:09
11. Disappointed 01:08
12. Lägg om! 00:18
13. You're Obsolete 01:11
14. Tested 01:20
15. Shapeshifter 01:09
16. Feed Them, Kill Them, Skin Them 00:50
17. When Science Fails 01:49
18. Closing In 01:00
19. The World That You Made 00:57
20. The System Has Failed Again 00:33
21. For What Cause 01:01
22. Fullmatad 00:54
23. Screwed 00:41
24. Shaping the End 02:22
25. The New Firing Squad 00:58
26. No Sign of Improvement 01:46
27. My Philosophy 00:56
28. I'm Not Silent 00:49
29. The Breathing Furnace 01:21
30. Information Is Free 01:27
31. Burning Inside 01:33
32. A Request for Guidance 00:47
33. Grey 01:04
34. Worldcraft 02:34
35. It's Never Too Late 00:33
36. Du är bevakad 01:09
37. Blinded 00:39
38. Can de Lach 03:13
Total playing time 44:50

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Обзор @ Unitron

30 Май 2015

My introduction into Grindcore


'Inhale/Exhale' is the debut studio album by Grindcore band Nasum. Previously I was hesitant to check out Grindcore, I found some of the album Covers and band names kind of disgusting. While I know it isn't fair to judge a band by their album Covers or band name, I have to say ugly album art or a disgusting name isn't going to help people give your music a listen. I decided to give Grindcore a chance with a band that had a really cool album Cover for their debut, Nasum.

This is fast, and I mean fast. Each very short song is full of relentless barrages of double-bass, crushing guitar riffs, and bursts of death growls and screams from the two members. While most of the time it's really fast, some songs like 'The Masked Face', feature driving guitar grooves at times which I find to be a nice contrast with the fast and aggressive speed of the rest of the songs. Another example of this nice contrast is the only 18-second 'Digging In', which switches from chaotic thrashing to quick groove parts about three times. This speed/groove contrast is actually played out throughout the album, many songs feature this, such as one of my favorites, 'When Science Fails'. The title track is one of my favorites, having slower crunching guitar instead of the speed of most songs. 'ShapeShifter' is another more thrash-based track.

Noise is also an element in the sound of this album, songs like 'I See Lies' have screeching and/or droning playing under the chugging guitar. It almost adds something mechanical to the music. Anders Jakobson's drums also add in this sound, maybe because of the extreme speed. The finale, 'Can De Lach', which happens to be the longest song on the album begins with screeching noise. Soon, the fast guitar and drums come in. While there is a whopping 38 tracks on the album, and it may seem overwhelming, the tracks are short but strong. It's quite amazing how such short songs can seem longer, yet the album finishes quickly. The songs feel like they're set up for a longer song length, yet pack everything in a 1-3 or less minute long song.

Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to give Grindcore a try, and I think it's an essential release for any Grind fan.

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