In Memories of Fire

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Band Name Nekroholocaust (USA)
Album Name In Memories of Fire
Type Album
Дата релиза 2005
Лейблы Mercenary Musik
Музыкальный стильBlack Metal
Владельцы этого альбома6


1. The Kingdom of Night 05:14
2. Fall of Berlin 02:10
3. Burning Galleries 04:26
4. Embracer from the Dark Ages 07:23
5. Hail to Victory 07:55
6. Siberian Winter (Conquer or Perish) 06:11
7. Mortuary Krematorium (Flesh Blood Bones) 08:10
8. Deny the Cross 03:03
9. Army of Infamy, Axis of Evil 06:35
10. March to the Abyss 01:30
Total playing time 52:37

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Nekroholocaust (USA)

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Обзор @ beltre

13 Август 2011


First and foremost I am reviewing this CD as an eyewitness to this groups rise and eventual demise in early 1989. I was there as an associate and fan of this group dating back to 1986 when under the name of Necrophagia LA they released a great demo titled "It began with a Twisted Dream". They actually never performed under the name of Nekroholocaust, they were always known as Necrophagia LA and only when Jerry Battle (one of the co-founders)of the band along with Eddie Santiago-Incinerator on the CD decided to release this Demo as a full length LP thru his Mercenary Musik Label (Jerry Battle) that is, did this Nekroholocaust business begin in 2005. Let me also say that all recordings were 100% taken from 1988-1989 without remixes or overdubs or any current influences other than what was happening in their minds circa 1988-89 therefore, making this one of the first Black/Death/Brutal Metal recordings ever!! Those are the facts. California did not have a band like this at the time and other than Mayhem and Morbid Angel, neither did the USA.

I will review this CD with the complete knowledge that it was done entirely live and in One Take!! no practice runs and with zero mindset as to whether it would be as tight as it could have been or as clean sounding. What was in their minds was that they were sitting on some precocious, innovative shit that very few were attempting in the States and it needed to be put to tape and released entirely as a "Live Demo". That never happened until 2005!! and so here we go.

Starting off the proceedings is a mighty and hate filled tune called "Kingdom of Night" with the opening salvo of "Synagogue Burning F***in Evil" you know that this isn't for the faint of heart or hearing. Fast blasting beats and furious Guitars astound throughout and a nonstop barrage of tempo changes is at hand. A classic. Next you have "Fall of Berlin", a short fast paced Thrashier Song that is missing some Vocal runs due to the live nature of things, was recorded as is. Good song though but I have some rehearsal tapes of this song as a whole and it is much better than this. Burning Galleries was taken from their original Demo "It began with a Twisted Dream" and done in a great fashion especially considering it was done live!!

It does justice to the original and in parts exceeds it. Once again the Vocals are off just a bit and missing in sections altogether but when they are on are done Brilliantly. That leaves us with what I consider the 4 songs that make this release essential and they are all epic and long (clocking in at an average of 7:25 minutes)songs that seperate this group from those of its era and any era for that matter. "Embracer from the Dark Ages, Hail to Victory, Siberian Winter and Mortuary Krematorium take you in a journey of War, Famine, Plagues and the fall of Man and the notion that Man is a War Monger at heart and incapable of Peace. This is rather incredible since Cold Atmospheric Music wasn't even in vogue until the late 90's and this was done to great effect in 1988-89!! That is something indeed.

What highlights these songs in particular are the Vocals of Eddie Santiago-Incinerator which are done completely Live without overdubs or sampling or remixed to sound better than they were. A Great Feat!! Rounding up the Album is "Deny the Cross" a song that was also originally on the Demo "It began with a Twisted Dream" and this version is more brutal and faster and yes better than the original. One of the shorter tracks but yet one of the more effective in its straight forward delivery. And finally we have "Army of Infamy" Axis of Evil" a song that was recorded once again Live but this time at their rehearsal Place in early 1989. This song is the last known recording of this band prior to their breakup. This song to me has all the elements that you would want in a Black/Death/Thrash Metal release, tempo change, blast beats, melody and cohession as to make them sound like a Death Machine. Good Song.

So there you have it!! an Insiders first hand account of Metal History and a true account of this once promising Band that left to early. Thank goodness I knew these guys and their true Identity because unlike the Record label claimed that they wished to keep their Identities a secret,I do not. Band member: Jerry Battle(Sir Hindenburg)Guitars, Eddie Santiago(Incinerator)Vocals,Memo Mora ex-Infamy(Nietschke)Guitars and Jimmy Sotelo ex Bloodcum(Darth Fuhrer Barbwire)Drums.And one last thing, I read a review from some fool named Noktorn were he mentioned that if this was actually a real band that released this circa 1988-89 that he would "tear off his Pe**s" well, I hope he has some Tweezers.

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miniradman - 14 Август 2011: Nice Review Bro ;)
beltre - 19 Август 2011: Pass the word around in regards to the TRUE iDENTITY of this once Great Group. The Members of this Band would appreciate it.
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