Heart Full of Fire

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Band Name Brother Firetribe
Album Name Heart Full of Fire
Type Album
Дата релиза 02 Апрель 2008
Лейблы Spinefarm Records
Музыкальный стильHard FM
Владельцы этого альбома49


1. Who Will You Run to Now 04:30
2. Wildest Dreams 03:57
3. Runaways 03:57
4. Game They Call Love 03:45
5. Play It from the Heart 04:22
6. Heart Full of Fire 04:10
7. Heard It on My Radio 03:23
8. Going Out with a Bang 03:57
9. Out of My Head 04:18
10. Chasing the Angels 04:13
11. I Am Rock 03:44
Total playing time 44:16

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Обзор @ Vinrock666

14 Март 2009
"Heart Full of Fire" the 2008 LP from Finnland's Brother Firetribe is a most delightful and highly successful work of fusing elements of heavy metal to the 1980's teenage movie soundtrack single. While no doubt it can be argued that this specific type of songwriting is most derserving of all its negative labels, Brother Firetribe chose not to parody but rather create an honest recreation of the box office vehicle. All but one of the songs are original pieces, "Chasing The Angels" providing the one blueprint for which all of the other songs are designed from. Of course, the monster synthesizeer and vocal hooks are ever present and most defining on every song, but it's the rhythm guitar by Nightwish's Emmpu Vuorinen that sells each track as boda fide rock/metal anthems. "Heart Full of Fire", although rock in origin, is written, recorded, and mixed as a metal album. The first three tracks ("Who Will You Run To Now?", "Wildest Dreams", and "Runaways") are the best songs on the record not only because of their hooks and metallic rhythms, but because they have the most artistic integrity. That being said, the bad side of "Heart Full of Fire" is the exposure of the soundtrack sound for what it is, and that's having no artistic integrity. "Game The Call Love", "Going Out With A Bang", and "Out Of My Head" actually suffer for sounding too much like Kenny Loggins fronting Journey. Still if viewed in a proper context, this is a fun album to rock to. "Play It From The Heart" is a ballad-like score with a neat bridge. The title song, "Heart Full of Fire" provides the proverbial duet (Anette Olzon of Nightwish provides the foxy vocals), and even the stadium rock sound is represented here with "I Am Rock". To restate, all of this works because Vuorinen blows up the speakers with excellent rhythm guitar representation, and despite the laughable chiche's peppered throughout all of the lyrics, one can't help but feel transported back to a time when the big dance, the big game, and the big Moment were the only reasons to live. Perhaps its these moements that Brother Firetribe is trying to provide a soundtrack for, and if so, then "Heart Full of Fire" is a definite smash hit.

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