Floating Back to Earth

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Band Name Iron Maiden (UK-1)
Album Name Floating Back to Earth
Type Bootleg
Дата релиза 01 Май 1987
Лейблы лейбл неизвестен
Музыкальный стильNWOBHM
Владельцы этого альбома0


Recorded live at Spartan Stadium, San Jose, USA - 01/05/1987
1. Intro
2. Caught Somewhere in Time
3. 2 Minutes to Midnight
4. Children of the Damned
5. Stranger in a Strange Land
6. Wasted Years
7. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
8. Guitar Solo
1. Heaven Can Wait
2. Phantom of the Opera
3. Hallowed Be thy Name
4. Iron Maiden
5. The Number of the Beast

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