Five Easy Pieces

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Band Name Dirty Looks
Album Name Five Easy Pieces
Type Album
Дата релиза 1992
Лейблы Rockworld
Музыкальный стильHard Rock
Владельцы этого альбома11


1. Blue Tequila
2. Getting Over
3. Only Tomorrow
4. Liquid Crush
5. Let It Rain
6. Five Easy Pieces
7. Gas House Sally
8. Back to Marseille
9. The Last Forever
10. Hard in the Middle
11. Give It Back
12. Violence in Blue
13. Cardiac Arrest

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Обзор @ Ewan

06 Январь 2018

A stunning treasure buried in time undiscovered.

Released in 1992 on Rockworld, Five Easy Pieces is the seventh studio album of Dirty Looks. Featuring Henrik Ostergaard on vocal and guitar, Paul Lidel on guitar, Brian Perry on bass, and James Harris on drums, it created a distinctive and remarkable combination of tones.

The first track, Blue Tequila, gives this album a powerful beginning with strong rhythm. The guitar riff is especially notable, which plays a vital role in this song to make the listeners high.

And then the second, Getting Over, starts with steady and heavy beat, creates a driving force pushing the listeners forward to the unforgettable chorus part. Briefly speaking, the whole song is like a headbanging potion.

The next track, Only Tomorrow, both the guitar and the vocal line bring out the irresistible energy of the groove, and the melody is also impressively presenting.

And then follows Liquid Crush, a classic hard rock song with outstanding punchy tone. Henrik’s screaming voice is truly cutting through, and the rhythm part also brings the whole song to live.

The fifth is Let It Rain. Its bluesy and dispirited hue creates a brilliant atmosphere of slow shuffle rock, definitely a wonderful tune for smoking and drinking time.

Then counts down to the sixth, Five Easy Pieces, which is also the titling one. The chord arrangement really fills this track with different colors, and the power make it absolutely a killer one.

The next comes to Gas House Sally. Fast tempo, streamy bass line, groovy guitar riff, and all the parts combine to make it sound like a machine gun, in the positive way.

And the eighth, Back To Marseilles, is an interestingly unique one. The hue of the song changed obviously in between verses and after the bridge, which really plays a musical trick boldly.

Following is undeniably the highlight of this album, The Last Forever. As one of the band’s very few ballads, it does not come out to be a rusty one. The main rhythm consists of creative arpeggios, also accentuates Henrik’s hoarse vocal line and the melody moving on. While in the chorus, everything then explodes with strong emotion blossoming. And the fantastic use of model interchange totally brings out the spirit, make this one lingering in mind on and on.

Hard In The Middle comes the next, with rapid riff and beat aggressively attacking the ears. Anyone addicted to Skid Row style fast rock n’ roll should also fall into this one.

And then Give It Back (Thru Your Head) hit the eleventh. Harsh, tough, and passionate, its tempo can make a great invasion to the brain.

Violence In Blue follows and slows the beat down. The ambience is blue as the fifth track, Let It Rain, yet this one is slightly steadier as it has less shuffling. The use of sixteenth note in the chorus is also notable, giving this song its distinction.

And the final track, Cardiac Arrest, affectingly ends the album by grooving to the top and max. This tune rocks without guitar solo, and does not show off overwhelming skills either, nevertheless its tone totally punch in the listeners’ bodies and hearts—big booming drums, deep and heavy picked bass, cutting through guitar and frontman’s husky voice, perfectly build up and classic rock mix.

Overall, this recording successfully presents the characteristic of Dirty Looks, wild, rough, yet creative and bold. Also, no matter the metallic tone of instruments or the unique hoarse singing, they splendidly reflect the sound of early nineties, the memorable age of rock.

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