Fighting on the Edge

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Band Name Sec Dimension
Album Name Fighting on the Edge
Type Split
Дата релиза 25 Июль 2008
Лейблы Lights Out Records
Музыкальный стильDeath Thrash
Владельцы этого альбома1


1. After All
2. Dellinger
3. Perseverance
4. Mercy Killing
5. Chaos World
6. The Abyss

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Обзор @ heavymetaltribune

08 Январь 2011

Sec Dimension's side certainly pulled it down a little

Before I got deeply interested in extreme metal I had the impression that the Japanese were crazy about all things neo-classical, seeing bands like Galneryus regularly putting out superb quality music but exploring the extreme side of Japan, it now seems to me that Japanese are just crazy about all things metal.

Sec Dimension have been around since 2001, but have yet to put out a proper full length album, with this split being their second studio release. GxSxD on the other hand has put out numerous releases including a full length, and has recently been signed onto Pulverised Records, a sign of what's to come seeing Pulverised Record's portfolio of legendary bands over the years.

Brutal yet melodic riffs introduce the listeners to Sec Dimension's brand of death/thrash metal with the opening track, After All. The melodious and soft introduction slowly builds up to a frenzy madness that is maintained throughout the song. Influences such as from NWOBHM with the harmonising twin guitar attack certainly make the listening slightly more interesting. The band takes a slight slowdown in Dellinger, and there is even an awkward moment with the sudden transition from slow to fast, causing a moment of slight confusion to the listener. The clean singing in Perseverance also added a weird touch, and the song could have certainly retained its brutality with the absence of the clean parts. At times, it might sound as if the band is trying to squeeze in too large a variety of influences and ideas into their songs, causing a slight faltering in the quality of their songs.

The personal highlight here is GxSxD's side of the split. Whatever Sec Dimension failed to do well or left out is made up for by GxSxD's contribution. If you have previously listened to their full length album, God Send Death, this is an updated sound of the band, complete with more "modern" production versus the slightly raw production that was on God Send Death. The effect that the change in lineup has on the band's sound is obvious, and in a good way as well! Mercy Killing begins with drums reminiscent of Vader's Devilizer (Necropolis). Nothing surprising, since GxSxD are essentially the Japanese version of Vader, and I mean this in the best possible sense, and it certainly is enjoyable.

Twin brothers Yusuke and Yohsuke take over vocal duties in addition to their usual twin guitar attack, and coupled with Ikunaga's speed and precision on his drum set, expect nothing less than a blistering ride with GxSxD. While previous vocalist Yoshida had a slightly higher pitched vocals, the influences from Vader are certainly present now, from Yusuke and Yohsuke's vocal attack to the solos and riffs dished out by both of them, and even down to their guitar tone. The twins have removed the spoken vocals from their songs (which I thought were awkward anyway) and decided to make their music and sound so in-your-face that the listener hardly has time to breathe. Fortunately (or unfortunately) their side lasts only 8:45.

Hearing bands like these can only leave one to wonder, what other treasures that are left undiscovered in the Japanese extreme metal scene.

I would have given a higher rating if this is a purely GxSxD release, but unfortunately Sec Dimension's side certainly pulled it down a little.

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