Feed on Me

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Band Name Hypnotic Hysteria
Album Name Feed on Me
Type Album
Дата релиза 2010
Лейблы Self-Released
Музыкальный стильStoner
Владельцы этого альбома1


1. Inside Your Mouth
2. New Dehli
3. Vaniloquentia
4. I Can't Hear You
5. Feed on me
6. Betrayal
7. Indifference

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Hypnotic Hysteria

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Обзор @ GandhiEgo

01 Сентябрь 2010
Bergamo, Italy’s Hypnotic Hysteria released in 2010 their debut titled “Feed on Me”. Don’t be fooled by the "Stoner" label because even though the guitars may have that Kyuss texture once in a while, we're closer to grungy pop rock than anything else.

The production is rather awesome for a self-release and this gives credit to the sound engineer as well as the musicianship of all the band's members. Songs are written with undeniable talent, they have momentum, catchy choruses and a very soothing touch to them. There'd really be nothing to complain about if only the material thus recorded would be somehow more original.

It feels like a professional rip-off of a few more known acts like Nickelback, especially with the vocals, but a lot of it pertains to A Perfect Circle and its solid yet pop'ish alternative rock. As if guys in Hypnotic Hysteria had been so much enthralled with Mer de Noms, that they eventually came to reproduce a very nice clone of it.

That doesn't bother me much since I am a big fan of Keenan’s side-allstar-project, but to be perfectly honest, it really feels like I’d be listening to some side cuts of APC’s debut, some unreleased material. Even lyrically, there seems to be connections between Hypnotic Hysteria and APC, since some of the lyrics deal with religion, or rather still religion abuse. Basically if you’re familiar with APC’s music, you should feel at home with “Feed on Me”. It’s actually not better nor worse than their “idols”, it’s almost 100% similar.

While this may not be a severe drawback for the career of this Transalpine band, I certainly hope that they will, with time, build their own personality. Having influences is never a bad thing, and you never really come out of the blue with all-new all-original material, but as bands grow up they should forge their own style and character and try to copy less the greater bands that had some influence on them.

With all the great musicianship displayed here, the talented vocalist and a knack for writing catchy material, I feel perfectly confident in Hypnotic Hysteria’s ability to create their own unique atmosphere in further releases.

A solid CD which will definitely please fans and amateurs of APC and soothing rock music. Check their myspace and last.fm page for a free download and enjoy!

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