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Band Name Aves
Album Name Feathers
Type Album
Дата релиза Июль 2010
Лейблы Pest Productions
Музыкальный стильAvantgardiste Black
Владельцы этого альбома5


1. Feathers I
2. Feathers II: Nest
3. Feathers III: Nightflight
4. Feathers IV: Somewhere
5. Feathers V: Clouds

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Обзор @ Satanicarchangel

27 Июль 2013

Why wuld I want to listen to this cheap knock off when I can listen to Amesoeurs?

Without trying to break new grounds or tread into new and exciting territories, Aves has took the safe route by regurgitating a hundred or so other post-punk/post-rock/black metal (not exactly) bands and have released something that whilst is decent at being background music isn't much good for anything else. Whilst undoubtedly being well performed and played out, the music of Aves lacks any defineable sense of character and will easily be lost in the sea of a hundred other bands doing exactly the same thing. Aves could well have been onto something with this clap happy and flamboyant take on the post-punk genre, but instead gets thrown to the rapids without a lifeline and gets lost within a lagoon of mediocrity and lack of innovation, resulting in the immediate implosion of the musicians efforts.

My main problem with Aves is the simple reason as to why listen to it in the first place. Why listen to Aves when there's a hundred more bands doing something similar yet excelling in every possible way? If you want a post-punk vibe to your music yet still remaining in the metal genre then Amesoeurs or Lifelover would no doubt suit your needs, if you want a black metal/post-rock combo then Altar of Plagues or Lantlos would do the trick. Really though, with numerous other bands doing a similar thing yet so much better, it kind of makes the music of Aves utterly reduntant. There's no reason to listen to it unless you're a hardcore post-punk fan who's determined to listen to every single release within the genre.

One of the major problems I have with this band is that whilst the music is often able to start off really well, it quickly goes down hill as Aves runs out of ideas to put into his music. The first two tracks have some of the best introductions I've ever heard, they're incrediby catchy, melodic and really quite beautiful, however whilst the introductions might be perfect to me the remainder of the tracks just doesn't quite cut it for me, they're still good mind you, but compared to the introduction they just don't hold up.

Aves appears to primarily be influenced by Alcest (specifically their first album) and Amesoeurs, the post punk and post rock vibe is present throughout the music, being a domineering force for the direction of the music. The music is upbeat, happy and easy to listen to, there's nothing touching metal-esque aggression or harshness, the black metal elements are none existent, contrary to what others might have you believe. As a result the music feels stripped down, removed of its vitals, it feels safe, contrived and all together a fraud. It feels like the musician was content enough to emulate other bands whilst completely forgetting how to write their own music, there's nothing original on this album, it's devoid of an identity, character.

I honestly don't see what the artist behind Aves was trying to accomplish with this release, if he was trying to make blackgaze he failed, if he tried to make something worthwhile or interesting he failed. Everything feels surgically designed to be as unoriginal and stripped down as humanly possible, the distortion on the guitars feels weak and though it doesn't belong there. The melodies whilst being good in their own right and far too sweet and sugary for me. The emotion is flat, sterile and lifeless, it's far too happy and bubble gum for me, there's no real drive or passion on here, everything just flows past with the force of a snail. Whilst I am admittedly a huge sucker for atmospheric and calm music, most of the atmospheric bands I listen to have something to keep them interesting, have something that touches aggression and drive. Aves has none of these, even ambient music, a genre famous for not having much in terms of aggression and raw unbridled emotion was able to create convincing and absorbing soundscapes because the music created was often high on atmosphere. Ambient music works by creating stunning soundscapes because the ambiance is phenomenal, the music feels calm and eerie, perfectly creating the atmosphere it set out to do. Aves does not create atmosphere, Aves creates music that is all style and no substance, it's like a popular attractive high school girl, all flashy on the outside yet in the inside there's a shallow and empty core.

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