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Band Name Emergence
Album Name Emergence
Type Album
Дата релиза 24 Январь 2015
Лейблы Valkyrie Records
Музыкальный стильMetalcore
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Cosmos 01:35
2. Silver Lights 03:48
3. World's Grave 04:10
4. Fractals 04:14
5. Retrace the Lines 05:39
6. Emma Lia 04:01
7. Deconstruct 03:47
8. The Endless Path 04:06
9. Five Eyes 05:57
10. Ingress 05:04
11. Everything Between 03:55
12. Conscious Waves 04:10
Total palying time 50:26

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Обзор @ axelboy420

28 Январь 2015

These fuckers lay it down in terms of melody and overall musicianship.

Ah, Emergence's debut album. Quite a damn good album I must say, with the clean and crisp production this is a good start to 2015 for metal. Emergence is a progressive metalcore/djent album with added bonuses and quirks that make other bands in the field pale in comparison.

If you're a fan of Conducting From The Grave, you'll know that Mikey Powell is on vocal duties for this album. He has greatly improved his clean vocals, they remind me of Michael Keene's clean vocals but a bit gruffer. And his growls are no slouch either; but you should know that if you listen to CFTG. The guitarists on this album are those from the djent band Wide Eyes. So the riffs and song structures are very djenty but not so boring like most djent these days. These fuckers lay it down in terms of melody and overall musicianship. Creating catchy but technical songs for this album.

I wish I could say good things about the drummer, but he (the drums could be a she lol) was programmed! The drums are good though, matching the guitarists and often doing their own thing creating groove for the djent/metalcore songs. Also, I'm pretty sure the bass was played by one if not both of the guitarists.

Overall, I'd give this album a solid 17 out of 20. I'm not a huge fan of clean vocals myself and I thought there could have been more harsh vocals but I did enjoy the clean vocals because they are well executed.

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