Earth Blues

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Band Name Spiritual Beggars
Album Name Earth Blues
Type Album
Дата релиза 15 Апрель 2013
Лейблы InsideOut Music
Музыкальный стильStoner
Владельцы этого альбома56


1. Wise As a Serpent
2. Turn the Tide
3. Sweet Magic Pain
4. Hello Sorrow
5. One Man’s Curse
6. Dreamer
7. Too Old to Die Young
8. Kingmaker
9. Road to Madness
10. Dead End Town
11. Freedom Song
12. Legends Collapse
DISC 2 (Limited Digibook 2CD)
Recorded live at the Loud Park festival, Japan, 2010.
1. Left Brain Ambassadors
2. Beneath the Skin
3. One Man Army
4. Wonderful World
5. Fools Gold
6. Star Born
7. Concrete Horizon
8. Euphoria