Dwarf Graving

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Band Name Wumpscut
Album Name Dwarf Graving
Type Album
Дата релиза 2008
Лейблы Beton Kopf Media
Музыкальный стильIndustrial Electro
Владельцы этого альбома1


1. Deliverance (Radio Mix)
2. Deliverance (Alternative Club Mix)
3. Deliverance (Reminescing Mix)
4. Deliverance (Soldatengvad Remix)
5. Ruda (Intro)
6. Ruda (When Satan Lives You Will Too)
7. Wreaths of Bards (Heavy Extenced Remix)
8. Wreaths of Bards (Unheilig Remix)
1. All Cried Out (1st Wumpscut Cover)
2. Overkill (Death for the Masses)
3. Achtung (Wumpscut Remix For Dev Flutharsch)
4. Soylent Green
5. Schwarzer Tod
6. Krieg
7. Crown of Thorns (Club Cut)
8. Crown of Thorns (Suicide Commando Remix)
9. Your Last Salute (Datom Remix)
10. Rise Again (Datom Remix)
1. Don'T Go (Album Mix)
2. Hold (Album Mix)
3. Don'T Go (Eighty 64C Remix by Wumpscut)
4. Obessio (Cerebral Arorebral Remix)
5. Christ Christ (Recently Deceased Remix)
6. Just a Tenderness (Turmyte Remix)
7. Die Liebe (Edit by Wumpscut)
8. Jesus Antichristus (Edit by Wumpscut)
9. Jesu Antichristus (Feindflug Remix)
10. El Comandante
11. Iron Rain
1. My Dear Ghoul
2. You Are a Goth
3. Helpline (Wumpscut Remix for God's Bow)
4. Abouai My Lord (Yendri Club Mix)
5. Five (Wumpscut Remix for Ambassador 21)
6. Rifki (Djdw8 Edit)
7. Schabiger Lump (Djdw8 Edit)
8. Schabiger Lump (Recently Deceased Club Mix)
9. Hail the Philosopher's Stone (Wumpscut Remix for Der Blutharsch)
10. Schlaf in Den Flammen (Wumpscut Remix for Samsa's Traum)
11. Schabiger Lump (Ranthony Other Remix Draft)
12. Wreath of Barbs (Violet Remix)

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