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Band Name Heavenwood
Album Name Diva
Type Album
Дата релиза 1996
Лейблы Massacre Records
Музыкальный стильGothic Metal
Владельцы этого альбома22


1. Frozen Images 07:01
2. Emotional Wound 06:34
3. Flames of Vanity 08:47
4. Since the First Smile 06:22
5. Tears of Grief 04:19
6. Moonlight Girl 04:13
7. Judith Heavenwood 05:15
8. Weeping Heart 05:18
9. Frithiof's Saga 07:22
10. Lament 01:56
Total playing time 57:07

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Обзор @ L4G4RT0

22 Декабрь 2010


Debut album from this band from Oporto, Portugal with a cover that has "gothic" written all over, but I usually say that album covers help to sell, but don't help the music inside. This is not the case: the cover is a bit basic, I'd even say "ugly" (except for the child on the cover).

The album itself shows a solid gothic metal, with clear vocals mixed with some grunts but well combined in a pack with very strong compositions. "Frozen Images" is a good start but the second song gives more pace to the album with a cool rhythm, keyboards and a very good riff. The vocals here are only grunts, but the song is not heavy at all and it's the first really great surprise from the Portuguese (you have to love the last third of the song - what a fine ending)! Hail to Heavenwood for such a great song! From this point on the band presents us with direct songs like "Flames of Vanity", or slower paced songs like "Since the First Smile" (nice solo) or with that gothic-metal full of rhythm in songs like "Tear Griefs" which has a very good vocal duo with grunts and clear voices (loved that idea and sounds really great - one of the best songs in the album). There are also "not so strong moments", like "Moonlight Girl" who has a very good finale, that saves the song but the first half is a bit weaker but that doesn't compromise the good work, as you can see by listening to "Frithiof's Saga": great intro, very nice rhythm in a song that goes a bit further in gothic-metal, with some doom / dark influences.

"Diva" is a great debut from this band - they went very strong from start, showing that they don't fall short in ideas, only a bit short in maturity but this band has it all: great rhythms, gothic metal sound mixed with some rock inspirations and fine keyboards, along with good vocals and a powerful sound. Heavenwood's "Diva" sound sound should be appreciated by people who like many different styles of metal.

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