Devil Made Us Do It

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Band Name Golden Earring
Album Name Devil Made Us Do It
Type Album
Дата релиза 16 Октябрь 2000
Лейблы Universal Music Group
Музыкальный стильHard Rock
Владельцы этого альбома1


1. Please Go
2. That Day
3. If You Leave Me
4. Daddy Buy Me a Girl
5. Don't Run Too Far
6. In My House
7. Sound of the Screaming Day
8. Together We Live Together We Love
9. I've Just Lost Somebody
10. Dong Dong Diki Digi Dong
11. Just a Little Bit of Piece in My Heart
12. Where Will I Be
13. Another 45 Miles
14. Back Home
15. Holy Holy Life
16. She Files on Strange Wings
17. Buddy Joe
18. Stand by Me
19. Radar Love
20. Instant Poetry
1. (Kill Me) Ce Soir
2. Sleepwalkin'
3. Bombay
4. Movin' Down Life
5. Weekend Love
6. I Do Rock 'n' Roll
7. Long Blond Animal
8. Twilight Zone
9. Devil Made Me Do It
10. When the Lady Smiles
11. Clear Nite, Moonlight
12. Quiet Eyes
13. My Killer My Shadow
14. Turn the World Around
15. Going to the Run
16. Hold Me Now
17. Burning Stuntman
18. Paradise in Distress
19. Yes We're on Fire