Death Is Swallowed in Victory

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Band Name A Breath Before Surfacing
Album Name Death Is Swallowed in Victory
Type Album
Дата релиза 22 Июль 2008
Лейблы Mediaskare
Музыкальный стильDeathcore
Владельцы этого альбома26


 Summoning the Lord of the Pit
 Disharmony Among Choirs
 Ray Road
 Cosmetic Abomination
 Just What the Monster Ordered
 Looking into the Sun Without Going Blind
 A Night in Terror Tower
 Death Is Swallowed in Victory

Total playing time: 40:48

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Обзор @ miniradman

25 Декабрь 2010

A Tight And Technical Masterpiece

Death Is Swallowed in Victory is A Breath Before Surfacing’s debut album. This album was released by Mediaskare in July 2008. This album is of the Deathcore genre but some may consider this album to be a Technical Deathcore album. This is an incredibly technical album, and this is one fast album. This band is a relatively new band on the Deathcore scene and they bring a whole new level to Deathcore.

This band may be leading the way for the next wave of Deathcore bands. This isn’t really your typical Deathcore band though. They seem a lot more technical than other bands, but they still have everything you would want from a normal Deathcore band. It is full of everything you want from Deathcore. They bring a whole new level of technicality in their music with some of the fastest Drumming I have ever heard. Their music is very tight and recording quality is great. To top it off they have great combination of bass drop and ordinary breakdowns in this album. The guitars are high pitched and distorted with match the pace of the drumming. It is rare to find this in any genre not to mention Deathcore. Also the singer’s vocals sound great and he is in complete sync with all the other band members. Also this album is not boring at all because all the songs bring something new and still maintain their pace. Also they like to make many transitions in their songs at just the right time to keep the momentum going. The intro is special because it is not a useless musical but it is actually something worth listening to unlike the intros in other albums.

This album has a great combination of sounds that really keep this album exciting all the way through and still emotional. This album has some great breakdowns in it and the bass drops sound great. Some of the best breakdowns are in the songs Trainwreck and Disharmony Among Choirs. The song Trainwreck also features some of the fastest double bass I have ever heard. Basically every track in this entire album is tight and technical. Also this is a Deathcore album the bring Deathcore to a whole new level in speed and technicality there is a strong element of emotion in the track Ray Road. This song features a soft part in the song and sound very emotional. This gives you a pleasant break amongst all the chaos of the rest of the album. Also there is a guitar solo in that soft part that is fairly fast but does not disrupt the relaxation of that section. Although the song Ray Road has a good solo in it the best one can be found in the song Cosmetic Abomination.

Also they don’t explode back into their music. Also they have more melody in their songs than your average Deathcore band and they like ease into their music rather than explode into it. A great example of this would be song Just What The Monster Ordered. This album is also of decent length with 11 tracks and a total running time of around 40 minutes with is more than generous. Also they don’t sound like pure Deathcore, some parts may sound like Metalcore as well. This is good because it appeals to a wide audience. The cover isn’t really a major part of the album but it does reflect the atmosphere that this album presents. It sounds fairly dark but not over the top suicidal dark which is a great thing. The song Just What The Monster Ordered is a great example of this.

This album is probably one of the best Deathcore albums around and not many bands can keep up with their pace. Although this is one great album is not perfect. There a few times in this album where they try to get as technical they can but ends up sounding hollow and like they is something missing. This is a common mistake made by many Technical Death Metal bands. Unfortunately this makes a huge impact on the momentum of the song and wrecks the whole section in the song. Also at times they can sound very repetitive across the whole album. Even though there is a variety is still sound a little repetitive, some listeners would still find this album interesting because of the sheer speed across the whole album. Some listeners may also be disappointed that sometimes the transitions are not subtle enough and can sound too different and confuses the mood of the songs. This is even the case when they transition into breakdowns. This is probably because they have tried to keep things too fast all the time but their speed backfired on them. These little glitches may affect some listeners but these are all just subtle and do not really affect the album as a whole in a big way.

Overall Death Is Swallowed in Victory is a very good album and this band may be leading the way in the next wave of Deathcore bands by bringing a whole new level of technicality to the stage. Although this band is fairly well known, they may become one of the biggest Deathcore bands around. This is the album that will put them on the map and make their reputation take off. This album is full of awesome vocals, breakdowns and the drumming is some of the fastest. Despite some of the negatives in this album they do not make a tremendous impact and they can easily be over looked. The best thing about this album is that it can target a wide audience and that is vital for a making a successful album and more importantly a successful debut album that makes a great first impression. This album can stand tall against some of the big guns out there and is almost a must for every Deathcore fan out there. This band is going to be the leader in the next wave of deathcore bands and I can’t wait for their next Technical Master piece. I recommend this album to anyone who likes Deathcore or Technical Death Metal. Furthermore I also recommend the songs Trainwreck and Just What The Monster Ordered. Overall I think that this album gets a well deserved 19/20.

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ryan5 - 25 Декабрь 2010: Pretty good. keep the emailed reviews coming
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