Dead Again

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Band Name Suicidal Angels
Album Name Dead Again
Type Album
Дата релиза 19 Ноябрь 2010
Лейблы NoiseArt Records
Музыкальный стильThrash Metal
Владельцы этого альбома85


1. Damnation 01:21
2. Reborn in Violence 02:18
3. Bleeding Holocaust 02:54
4. The Trial 03:36
5. Suicide Solution 02:34
6. Beggar of Scorn 05:21
7. Victimized 04:13
8. Violent Abuse 02:35
9. The Lies of Resurrection 04:18
10. Search for Recreation 02:52
11. Dead Again 03:02
12. Final Dawn 02:58
Total playing time 38:02

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Обзор @ Dr.Feelgood

21 Ноябрь 2010
Four guys from Greece who play thrash metal are here to be the exception in Greek metal scene and that because this scene is full of power and death metal bands, some of which are well-known and some others are trying for something better. Suicidal Angels are the most known thrash metal band in this small country and their music is so loud that they could not pass under no observation. Their first album Eternal Damnation was a pleasant surpise for many of us, the second Sanctify the Darkness was a proof that these guys are not joking and now the third and new album Dead Again shows that thrash metal is alive more than ever!

The intro of the album "Damnation" is a silent thrilled medley for what follows next and when you hear the bell then the time stops and everything changes. "Reborn in violence" is just the begining of an unstopable headbanging and its riff can not be described by words. Although the last track of Dead Again is "Final dawn" I don't think so that there is an end in this album, mentally dead people would like to hear little more so to find what they lost. All the songs are great, their riffs are just like to have been written in 1986-7 and the solos contain no melody, but only the tone that trash metal demands. I am sure that by listening to the song "Bleeding holocaust", "The trial", "Violent abuse" and "Final dawn" you will be convised at once without any other confirmations.

In here there are three things that are not exist, firstly the melody, secondly slow songs, all are fast and thirdly drawbacks. The only slow moments are in the beginings of "Beggar of scorn" and "The lies of ressurection" in which before the storm you hear the doom warning. Well I don't think that is necessary anymore to describe other songs, just listen to Dead Again and I'm telling you that after the first listening your neck will demand to do that again and again!

Dead Again is a perfect thrash album with a perfect production, the instruments sound so agressive that is not easy to disappear their anger. Nikos Melissourgos the vocalist and guitar player during the recordings had been in a great form and the results are obvious. Suicidal Angels show again their affects from Sodom, Kreator and Slayer, but this time the last two groups seem to have affected Suicidal more than other times. This of course doesn't mean that the Greeks imitate them, but they have their sound combined with some of those bands' clues.

Suicidal Angels are regarded to be the future of thrash metal, they are young, they know how things are on stage, they know the secret of profesional behavior, they show that simple things are the most successful and two important things for them, they love their music and they respect theirselves. Dead Again is the album which grabs you from your neck and the sooner you realise its value the better for your ears!!
Suicidal Angels, the Alive Dead!

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