Classic Live Tunes (DVD)

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Band Name Circle Of Pain
Album Name Classic Live Tunes (DVD)
Type Video
Дата релиза 2005
Лейблы ZYX Music
Музыкальный стильProgressive Metal
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Prologue
2. Try
3. All The Time
4. The Way
5. Imagine
6. Reciprocity
7. Adolescence
8. Adressee Unknown
9. The cage
10. Premonition
11. Narration
12. Pregnancy
13. Falling Snow
14. Cold December Morning
15. Winter Sun
16. Lonely Path Narration
17. Lonely Path
18. The Cliff
19. After The Fall
Ballads and tributes show:
20. Back To Bosnia
21. Calm Before The Storm
22. Dreamland
23. Doctor, Doctor (Cover UFO)
24. Because The Night (Cover Patty Smith)
25. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Cover Bob Dylan)
26. Only Yesterday
27. Drum Solo
28. Runaways (Cover Bon Jovi)
Special Features:
Paradox backstage
Making of the live background vidéo
TV Show